TWIF Bubble Futbol Rules

  1. Teams

    1. Number of players on the field: seven per team.

    2. Team rosters must have a minimum of seven players; there is no maximum.

    3. Substitutions will be made “on the fly.”

  2. Equipment

    1. Players must wear appropriate closed-toe footwear.    

    2. Players must wear appropriate athletic clothing.

    3. Players are encouraged to wear the same color shirts.

    4. No feet on the balls.

  3. Time

    1. Length of Halves: All games consist of two 14 minute halves.

  4. Game

    1. Scoring: Goal is scored when team gets ball past opposing team’s goal line.

    2. Kick-off: The ball will be at the center of the fields.  Teams will be lined up on their respective goal lines.  When the whistle blows, play begins.

    3. Out of bounds: Anytime the ball goes out of bounds, it will be kicked in by the opposing team.

    4. Fouls: result in a free kick to the opposing team.

      1. Dangerous play: playing in such a manner as to be out of control.

      2. Tripping: inadvertently trips and opponent while attempting to play the ball.

      3. Pinning: pinning people down or against a wall.

    5. Free kicks: All free kicks are direct.

  5. Referee

    1. Enforces TWIF Bubble Futbol Rules.

    2. Controls the match.

    3. Ensures that the players' equipment meets the requirements.

    4. Acts as timekeeper and keeps a record of the match.

    5. All rules are open to the interpretation of the Referee and their decision is final.