5 New Year Resolutions TWIF Can Help You Accomplish

Since January is a time of planning and renewal we at TWIF want to suggest several ways being a member can help you achieve your goals and make next year even more awesome!



1. Try New Things.

so you want to try new things next year -  how about learning about beer pairings, listening to awesome local music,  or playing the world's best game of Bingo? TWIF events have you covered! PLUS if you are a member you can get discounts on all these fun local events!

2. Meet New People

Meeting new people can be hard, but what better way to meet people than by working side by side to better our community or attending a fun local event that benefits local non profits? We have hundreds of volunteer opportunities and events that help to better the greater Seattle Community -  whether its preparing food for food insecure members of our community, attending a bingo game that benefits our non profit partners, or a road trip to learn more about beer we have thousands of awesome Seattleites just like you who want to be involved and meet other awesome people just like you. 

3. Give Back to the Community

Our Members, Staff and Volunteers are all giving back all year long! With more than 100 local non profit partners and hundreds of volunteer events we will continue to improve our community next year with your help. Volunteer at a TWIF hosted event, Join our staff, attend an awesome social event that also benefits our non-profit partners. Becoming a member is the first step!

4. Master a New Skill

Want to become a better cook? Learn more about brewing? Learn to grow sustainable food? Learn to host an awesome event? Volunteer at with us at Fare Start,  Octoberfest, Marra Farms or any of our many other events this year or Become a staff member and help us Make Seattle more fun for you and for everyone!

5. Find Your Passion and Make the World a Better Place:

What are you waiting for? Join us and help us make 2017 the best year yet!

Breakfast ideas...fast!

With the arrival of TWIF’s popular Bacon, Eggs, and Kegs event right around the corner, everyone is sure to have breakfast on the brain.

Now, you’ve all heard it is the most important meal of the day to keep you fueled and energized for a productive morning. So why do so many of us pass by this crucial meal?

So, often breakfast falls down the priority list as we are rushing to get out the door. We hit snooze too many times, we have nothing ready to eat, an early meeting is on the schedule.

This inevitably leads to the mid-morning crash or succumbing to the less than healthy option at the coffee shop.

Sounds all too familiar right? So, how do you break out of the rut and start enjoying this all important meal? With some preparation and new ways of thinking, breakfast will be part of your everyday in no time. Here’s some creative ways to get your mojo back:

All hail the smoothie

Ahh, smoothies. They provide a nutritious punch, are easy to make, and are delicious, so what is not to love? It can get intimidating with all the options of what to include in yours, but really the possibilities are endless.

Start with a liquid base (water, almond milk, fruit juice), add in your favorite fruits, include some healthy fats (such as almond butter or avocado), and voila. You can even opt for savory smoothies that include greens, vegetables, and herbs.

One of the best ways to save time is to chop all the ingredients for your smoothie and separate into individual bags. Store the bags in the freezer until the morning of and you got yourself a healthy and filling breakfast. Best thing is, it is the most portable breakfast option you will find!

Batch cook for the win

You hear the term batch cook and it sounds like a great idea, but when it comes time to tackling it, it seems more intimidating.

Well, I’m hear to tell you that this is the biggest time saving tip in the kitchen. One hour on the weekend will gift you with inexpensive and delicious breakfast for the entire week.

You can make ahead breakfast sandwiches and store in the freezer, cook a double batch of oatmeal to eat all week, hard boil a dozen eggs, roast two pans of potatoes, etc. Carve out some time to batch cook and enjoy the benefits all week.

Leftovers are a life-saver

This tip goes hand in hand with batch cooking but deserves special mention.

Just because we are talking breakfast, does not solely mean pancakes or muffins. Breakfast is simply the first meal of the day and can include whatever food your heart desires.

One of my favorite time savers is to cook a double serving of dinner and then eat that same meal for breakfast. Trust me, your taste buds will soon get used to any food you want to enjoy in the morning.

Or if eating the same meal doesn’t sound appealing, take your leftover veggies and toss them into a omelet. That leftover chicken breast you have sitting in your fridge? Chop it up with some cilantro and avocado and enjoy a breakfast burrito. You will not only cut down on food waste but you will be practicing some kitchen creativity.

Plus, leftovers mean the food is already made so dedicate a couple minutes to assembling a meal and you will never miss breakfast again!

-Annie Stephenson, TWIF Blogger

Top Five Day Hikes

It’s hard to find another regional culture that appreciates the sunny months as much as Seattleites. From April to October (if we're lucky!) we like to be outside, taking advantage of the warmer, drier weather. To make the most of your weekends, here are five of my favorite hikes you can easily do in a day.

Wallace Falls

If you’re looking for a little challenge with an amazing view, Wallace Falls might just be perfect. It is pretty popular so if you’re going to make the trip head out early to have a little serenity at the falls - all nine of them. The best part of this hike is that you can customize! If you’re feeling exhausted at Middle Falls, you still got to see a lot of beauty. Make the extra push to the upper falls and I’m sure you won’t regret it. Just be sure to have a tasty treat saved for the top.

Ashland Lakes  

This is a great starter hike, if you’ve been binge-watching Netflix and baking too much over the colder months like me. It’s a beautifully scenic bushwalk that leads you to three lakes, each one more stunning than the other. There are designated camping spots near each lake that are perfect places to stop and enjoy the views right on the water. A few miles further than Lake 22, this is a much less popular trailhead which means you have a lot more space to enjoy the nature. This one is totally worth the trip!


Mount Pilchuck  

Probably the most difficult hike on my list, you’ll definitely need to be prepared to complete this journey. Not only is the incline pretty impressive, but also the path itself poses a few challenges mostly it’s lack of signage. Since the lookout is very popular I would suggest going on a weekday. However chances of getting to have the firehouse to yourself are very slim. Luckily nature people are happy people and you might just meet a few new friends while you’re there enjoying the panoramic views.


Oyster Dome

The first mile or so of this hike is pretty strenuous with switchbacks claiming most of the elevation. However there is a reprieve at the first lookout point. Continue up to the top to enjoy a gorgeous view of the San Juan Islands. The earlier you arrive at the top the longer you can enjoy the changing scenery, when the fog clears it is magical. Enjoy the top because the hike down is just as steep as the hike up! But much easier in my opinion.

Little Si

A true test in how ready you are to tackle some of the more precarious hikes in the area. Little Si provides a great incline and a surprising view. There are a few loops you can take if you’re looking to challenge yourself even further, including the gorgeous Mount Si. If you’re feeling ambitious this can be the perfect day. Double the views and the accomplishments.

So there you have it, my non-expert opinion of some of my favorite day hikes in the area. Hopefully they help you enjoy some of this beautiful weather!

- Carmen Galderisi, TWIF blogger


Top Ten Instagram-Worthy Seattle Destinations

Seattle is a hidden treasure- it really is. With lakes, parks, beaches, farmer's markets, and a beautiful skyline that can be seen from many different viewpoints. It’s a great place for your next Instagram. Here’s a list of places to check out!

1. Gasworks Park

It’s a perfect blend of what Seattle has to offer – a park, a lake, and the skyline. Enjoy the next sunny Seattle day at Gasworks.

2. Discovery Park

As a coastal city, Seattle is surrounded by beautiful, serene bodies of water. Follow the “light” and “discover” this beauty next!

3. Fremont Troll

Modeled on an old folk tale, the giant troll sculpture can be seen hiding under the 99 highway bridge in the Fremont neighborhood. Be careful not to wake him with your camera flash!


4. Chihuly Garden and Glass

Take a stroll through Chihuly Garden and Glass to see a bit of Dave Chihuly’s amazing glass sculptures.

5. Mariners' Game

There’s nothing like drinking cold beer on a summer night while cheering for your favorite team. Even from the nosebleeds, the view on a nice day is a grand slam!

6. University of Washington

UW is one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation. Come take a snap of the famous “Harry Potter Reading Room” at the Suzzallo Library or the cherry blossoms in the quad when they’re in full bloom.

7. The Gum Wall

They took down the Gum Wall earlier this year, but the people and tourists of Seattle would not have it! Go and stick your own memories on the (slowly re-building) wall!

8. Kerry Park

One of the most famous and popular viewpoints in the city. On a clear day, you can spot Mount Rainier.  No matter the weather Kerry Park is an ever-dependable jaw-dropping view of Seattle’s skyline.

9. Space Needle

The Space Needle can be spotted all over Seattle, but there’s nothing like seeing it up close and personal. Go to the Seattle Center and make your way up the elevator to get a 360-degree view of Seattle.

10. Pike Place Market

This is the most “Insta-ed” place in Seattle. With the colorful flower stands, delicious food, and the popular fish throwers, you can understand why it's photographed so often!

- Liz Wang -  TWIF Social Media Coordinator


A Recipe for a Dangerously Delicious Doughnut Daycation

Image via Top Pot Doughnuts

We could sit here and fire off our 5 favorite donuts shops and are completely prepared to do that. We could describe to you the sweetness, density, fluffiness and moistness of each maple bar tried “in the name of science.” We could share that our resident doughnut enthusiast is currently cutting carbs out of his life and couldn’t join us. We could tell you about how we chose the shops and the metrics used to compare them. We could even offer you some pretentious definition of “local shop,” but we won’t insult your intelligence.

However, I want to fan the flame that is your sense of adventure. The best local doughnut shops have more than great doughnuts. They are a community place where you can go to catch up with the neighborhood. They are places that are best when self-discovered. So, instead of giving you my favorite doughnut shops, I’m going to give you a few tips and send you out for some urban exploration.

It's Dangerous to Go Alone

While not technically true, adventures are always more fun with friends. Gather a few food and fun-loving friends on a day that you all have free. It shouldn’t be hard to convince them to go on a local doughnut shop tour (or crawl, or hop, or whatever you want to call it). After all doughnuts are inherently great.

Don't Fear the Mornings

A lot of local doughnut shops open early in the morning to accommodate for the varying travel times of their community. Because of this, many shops sell out just after noon and others close after breakfast. I’m not saying set an alarm and wander in at the crack of dawn, because that’s almost completely unnecessary. In my experience the best time to shoot for is somewhere between 7-9 am.


Grab a cup of coffee or a bottle of milk and sip it slowly (with your doughnut of course). Relax for a second and take in your surroundings. Some shops like to hang local kids’ artwork or pictures of long-time customers. The walls can tell you what the shop cares about in the community. Sample the surrounding conversations and you may learn something new about the place you live.

Get Two   

So you’ve made it to the shop and the selection is a treat for the eyes, nose and imagination. Don’t let your watering mouth get the best of you! I’d recommend getting two donuts. One being your all-time favorite and the other being the shop's specialty doughnut. If they don’t have a specialty doughnut, you can’t go wrong with the classic glazed yeast doughnut.

Y’all Come Back Now, You Hear!

You’ve finished your first tour, but you’re conflicted. You liked more than one shop and for some reason think that you should only choose one. Well, luckily there is a solution for that! You make more trips to the shops that stuck with you. If you find that you can’t choose just one, that’s good too.

Go forth my urban explorers! There are many great local shops in your area. So if you have time, grab some friends (the ones who aren't cutting carbs), run a google search and let your journey begin.

Looking for some shop ideas? Check out these handy lists from Zagat and Thrillist.

- James Leggett, Social Media Coordinator and Doughnut Czar

Get on a Boat - Explore Lake Union as a Non-Boat Owner

Lake Union is a pretty special lake: carved out by a giant glacier about 12,000 years ago and eventually named Lake Union in the 1850’s when it was just a lonely lake.  These days, it is attached to its two buddies, the Puget Sound and Lake Washington, by canals - so really is a union between the two!

Since it is connected by the ocean but also calm and protected like a lake, it is a popular place for all kinds of things, including Seattleites who taunt other Seattleites as they sit in traffic on the various bridges and roads that wind along the water. We know you would rather get your float on those lakes and waterways and we have some ideas for you!

Ice Cream Cruise

Is it too hot or cold to paddle?  Ice cream works for any weather (if you ask me).  Every Sunday there is a 45 minute cruise that departs from Lake Union park during which you can buy some ice cream and get a narrated tour of the lake. 

Image: Seattle Ferry Service

Image: Seattle Ferry Service

Free Weekly Cruise from The Center for Wooden Boats

The Sunday Public Sail is offered to the public every Sunday by volunteer skippers and crew.  There are a variety of boats available, including ones powered by sail, steam, electricity, oars, or paddles.  Did we mention its FREE?!

Image: Center for Wooden Boats

Image: Center for Wooden Boats

WA Sauna - a floating sauna!

Its not quite ready for the public yet- but word on the water is that it will be open to the public starting sometime this summer, Keep an eye out for details! (images: goCstudio)

Paddleboarding or Kayaking

Rent a stand-up paddleboard or kayak and cruise around the lake at your leisure (or not, and get some exercise!).  Rentals range from $15-25 per hour and are available from a variety of locations around the lake.

Image: Mossbay.co

Image: Mossbay.co

Kayak for a cause!

The day after the 4th of July fireworks, you can help beautify Lake Union via Kayak by cleaning up the debris from our celebratory explosions the day before.  Not only do you get to do this via kayak, but there will be a picnic lunch from Tutta Bella afterward to celebrate your hard work!

Milk Carton Derby!

And finally, get creative and stylish:  The Seafair Milk Carton Derby on July 16th at Green Lake is sure to provide plenty of inspiration.  Contestants race with boats they have crafted out of used milk cartons!  Have fun out there!

Image: warm 106.9

Image: warm 106.9

-Toby Peterson -  TWIF Volunteer Sherpa and Seafarer-extrordinaire!

Perfect Picnic Spots in Seattle

With the rainy days behind us (fingers crossed), we can all look forward to the best time of the year here in Seattle. We find ourselves grateful for all that rain because it gifts us with lush greenery that we can now enjoy. Long, sunny days with mountain views that stretch beyond where the eye can see fill the summer months. So what better way to enjoy the beautiful scenery and promising forecasts than with a picnic? Pack up your picnic basket and check out these three ideal parks to host your next outdoor gathering. 

Olympic Sculpture Park

Located near the Space Needle, but just far enough away from the bustling tourists, is the Olympic Sculpture Park. While this park is fairly small, it boasts some of the best views you can find in Seattle on a clear day. With your back to the city center, you can see Mount Rainier and the Olympic Mountains in one breathtaking view. There are numerous options to sit and take it all in, varying park benches, fresh grass, and even sandy beach. This park is a popular spot for dog owners and bike riders alike, with sprawling pathways and easy access to the water. You may even be lucky to see some wildlife as baby seal sightings are not uncommon. Arguably the best time to enjoy this park is at sunset when the sun dips below the mountain range and Mount Rainier glows in a mixture of pinks and oranges. Gather your loved ones and your favorite finger foods and host a summertime picnic at this park, you won’t regret it.  

Photo by M.O. Stevens, Wikipedia

Photo by M.O. Stevens, Wikipedia

Volunteer Park

Venturing up from the city center lies the Capitol Hill neighborhood, which is home to the expansive green sanctuary knows as Volunteer Park. Along with the great lawns and never-ending trees, this park also includes a museum, observatory, and historic water tower. There is a paved path that encompasses this 48-acre park that brings together loyal locals and eager tourists to take in this natural wonderland. As soon as you enter the park you will soon be transported from the pace of city life and relax into a more natural state of mind. Whether you want to conclude a long day of sightseeing or spend the entire day lounging on the grass, consider Volunteer Park to be your pick for a picnic.  

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Gas Works Park

Two unseemingly related things, coal manufacturing plant and nature park, come together for this unique choice. Gas Works Park was an area previously planned to house a coal manufacturing plant, but the city acquired the site after plans for the plant became obsolete. What was left was a park just north of city center on Lake Union that overlooks one of the best views of the city. The park includes a protected picnic area, children’s play barn, and grassy hilltops to soak the views in. Crowds flock to this park all summer long to enjoy the weather while observing unobstructed views of the Space Needle and beyond. Come discover what makes this park unique and it is sure to become an instant favorite.

Photo by Wonderlane, Flickr.

Photo by Wonderlane, Flickr.

-Annie Stephenson
TWIF blogger

A Sweet Seattle Ice Cream Tour

I scream, we all scream, let’s go get some ice cream, but where? If you missed Seattle’s Ice Cream Festival last month and eager to try some new hot spots and even tastier cool treats, check out these most popular ice cream shops in Seattle and start your summer off by trying at least one flavor from every store. These top five spots are not ranked accordingly because no one should have to pick between their two or three favorite ice cream shops when you love them all equally! Let us know if you find an awesome sweet treat spot to add to the list!

1. Full Tilt Ice Cream

Ice cream and an arcade all in one? Sounds like my kind of party! Full Tilt not only offers frozen creamy goodness, but also is packed full of your favorite vintage arcade games and pinball machines. Stores located in Ballard, White Center, U-District and Columbia City.

You can check out Full Tilt on their site: http://fulltilticecream.com/

You can check out Full Tilt on their site: http://fulltilticecream.com/

2. Bluebird

Bluebird Ice Cream has a cozy ice cream parlor feel with a full ice cream bar and soda fountain all made in-house. This micro creamery and brewery will make your heart (and stomach) full of all things good from fresh waffle cones to beer floats, Bluebird has it all. They have locations in Capitol Hill and Fremont.

You can check out Bluebird on their Facebook page  

You can check out Bluebird on their Facebook page

3. Fainting Goat Gelato

The Italian form of ice cream, gelato. If you are in search of a great gelato joint, Fainting Goat Gelato has excellent handcrafted gelato right in the heart of Seattle. The list of flavors are absolutely outstanding across the board with very unique flavored gelato. Avocado, Guinness, Tiramisu and the ultimate chocolate lovers aren’t ready for Nutella flavored gelato (jaw drops!) If gelato isn’t your thing and you want something a little bit more refreshing, Fainting Goat offers a variety of sorbets too! There is something please everyone’s palate at Fainting Goat Gelato. Fainting goat has locations in Fremont and Wallingford.

Visit Fainting goat in Wallingford or on their site: http://faintinggoatseattle.com/

Visit Fainting goat in Wallingford or on their site: http://faintinggoatseattle.com/

4. Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream

With over seven locations and dozens of flavors with added seasonal favorites, Molly Moon’s is a great shop to feed your sweet tooth craving. Their flavor list has classic favorites like vanilla bean and original strawberry to more intricate flavors like earl grey or honey lavender. Made with fresh and locally sourced ingredients, Molly Moon’s is the place to be this summer in Seattle. You can fnd them in Wallingford, Capitol Hill, Madrona, Queen Anne, U Village, Mercer and Redmond.

Molly Moon has lots of locations -  you can get more details on their site: http://www.mollymoon.com/

Molly Moon has lots of locations -  you can get more details on their site: http://www.mollymoon.com/

5. Snoqualmie Ice Cream Tasting Room

And of course we had to include Snoqualmie Ice Cream. While you can find all of Snoqualmie’s phenomenal flavors in most grocery stores in the area, there is a scoop shop just 30 minutes north of Seattle to take in the full ice cream experience. All-natural ice cream, custard, gelato and sorbet made in small batches in the Pacific Northwest. Also did I mention that a pint of ice cream could be delivered right to your doorstep! If I didn’t believe in an ice cream god before I sure do now! Snoqualmie Ice Cream Tasting Room is located in Snohomish.

You can find out more and get a coupon to save a dollar on Snoqualmie's site: http://www.snoqualmieicecream.com/

You can find out more and get a coupon to save a dollar on Snoqualmie's site: http://www.snoqualmieicecream.com/

If you are still looking for other great places to pick up a frozen treat and fulfill your daily dose of sugar check out these other great Seattle creameries: Parfait Ice Cream, Cupcake Royale, Old School Frozen Custard, Husky Deli, Sirena Gelato and many more!

Also check out these handy lists:

http://www.seattlemag.com/article/best-ice- cream-places- seattle



-Angel Laycock, TWIF Social Media Coordinator and Ice Cream Expert!


Our #Do1Thing Passion

As we take time over the next few weeks to introduce ourselves to you, we want to make sure you get a feel for what makes us so proud of our organization and peers here at The World is Fun.

Our organization was born out of a simple idea - that the world, and Seattle in particular, is fun and when we get together - whether we are drinking a beer, fundraising, providing meals for the food insecure or having a meeting - we can have as much fun with, and for, our communities as any other hobby. Since our very first event, which raised more $38,000 for foster kids by parading 100 bearded men on a tour of local bars, we have grown to support more than 100 non-profit partners, over 4,500 volunteers and a staff of more than 80 volunteer employees in making our community more awesome every day.

While it may seem like the clear takeaway is that 100 bearded men can change the world, we know that ANY one person can make the world a better place - beard or no beard.

We all have to start somewhere and we want to do that together. TWIF wants to help you find your own 'parade of bearded men.' Let's find your passion and the one thing you can do to make your world a little more fun.

Learn more about how we #Do1Thing by watching our first ever video introduction below!




Day Trip: Woodinville Wine Country

With more than 100 wineries and only 30 minutes from Seattle, Woodinville Wine Country is the perfect day out for Seattleites. Woodinville is made up of three wine districts: the Hollywood District, often called the Tourist District, with big winery names like Chateau Ste Michelle; West Valley District on the west side of the Sammamish River boasting newer tasting rooms and restaurants more widely spaced out; the Warehouse District which houses boutique tasting rooms in an industrial park, including neighboring Artisan Hill, with a smaller number of artisan wineries, distilleries and a brewery.

You can’t possibly visit every wine making establishment in Woodinville, but you can certainly make a dent in the list. Here’s a suggested itinerary.

Brunch is the most important meal of the day and Woodinville has great restaurant options. For those who want to grab something to go, stop by Proven Bread in the Warehouse District for the biggest and tastiest scone you’ve ever had. (You may also want to stock up on baguettes while you’re there for an impromptu winery picnic later.) For those who have time, take a seat at The Commons in the Tourist District and dig into hearty portions of challah french toast and housemade chorizo egg scramble. Don’t forget to order a cinnamon roll.

After brunch, start at the Warehouse District. Smasne, Ambassador, and Pondera have large tasting rooms with plenty of seating. Be sure to pop across the street to Refuge & Prospect if only to check out the awesome interior (but you should probably taste the wine too.)

Cut across to Artisan Hill and stop at Des Voigne Cellars for an extensive wine tasting. This cozy tasting room has a speakeasy vibe to it and for those of you visiting with beer-drinking buddies, this is the place. They also have a brewery, B-Side Brewing, and offer tasting flights.

In the Tourist District, you will be spoiled for choice for imbibing. Be sure to stop by J. Bookwalter, Chandler Reach, Gorman, and Patterson where outdoor seating is aplenty. Local restaurants like Vivi Pizzeria will deliver wood fired pizza to your table. Or take a picnic to the grounds of Chateau Ste. Michelle. Get takeout from Ezells and sit on the deck at Castillo de Feliciana. But don’t worry if you haven’t thought ahead to BYO; food trucks are dotted around the winery districts, so there’s no need to fill up on those little oyster crackers they serve you between wine tastings.

In the summer, tasting rooms are open much later, offering wines by the glass. Walk along the main street of the Tourist District to check out the live music offerings. Finish the evening sitting outside at the fire pit at the Hollywood Tavern or enjoying a cocktail at the Fireside Lounge in Willows Lodge.

Wine not your thing? You’re in luck because Woodinville has just about everything. Home to the well-known Red Hook Brewery, Woodinville also has several craft breweries (check out Triplehorn and Sumerian) and an awesome cider tasting room called Locust Cider. Woodinville Whiskey Co. should not be missed. Even non-whiskey lovers will enjoy taste-testing the whiskey maple syrup.

Tip: Be sure to bring along snacks, picnic blankets, and a designated driver.

- Caitlin Huson, TWIF Blogger



Cinco de Mayo MADNESS (Guacamole!!!)

With the arrival of Cinco de Mayo, you are probably asking yourself how you can celebrate in the most delicious way possible. Well, why not host a Dip Off in March Madness form? Using the infamous college basketball event as inspiration, invite your friends to play in a different (and more delicious) type of bracket this Cinco de Mayo. Your friends' dip creations will serve as the competition while everyone gets a chance to try each one. Here are some ground rules for hosting a successful dip off and ideas to get your creative juices (or dips) flowing. Let the games begin!

  • Every person invited to the party brings a dip of their creation, they can bring multiple if they’d like but everyone must have a submission. 
  • The host does not provide a dip to enter, rather the vehicles to taste them all- i.e. cut up vegetables and various chip flavors. 
  • Set up the game as a “sweet sixteen” style bracket as used in March Madness, eliminating dips as the competition goes on.
  • Everyone gets to place their vote on best dip each round, winner moves on to next lineup.
  • Create specialty awards for those unfortunate players that lost early on in the competition, such as Spiciest Dip, Best Texture, and Originality.
  • Be sure to include enticing prizes and perhaps even a trophy for the winner! The possibilities are endless on winner’s swag.

Here is a classic guacamole recipe for inspiration!

  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 1 lime
  • 1/2 red onion
  • 1/4 cup fresh cilantro
  • 1 tablespoon diced jalapeno
  • Salt and pepper

Mash avocado into bowl and mix with freshly squeezed lime juice. Add all other ingredients and stir to combine. Season with salt and pepper to taste and enjoy!

-Annie Stephenson is a TWIF Blogger and Guacamole Superfan


Which Turtle Are You?

After giving a lecture on the solar system, a scientist was approached by an older lady from the front row. She complimented the cleverness of the theory of planets orbiting the sun, but she knew it was wrong. The earth, in fact, rested on the back of a turtle. Curious, the scientist asked if that’s true, then what does the turtle stand on? She answered a second, larger turtle, and before the scientist could ask another question, she added: “And you can’t trick me. It’s turtles all the way down.”

I love this story when thinking about TWIF (though I’m not chucking my astronomy books anytime soon). TWIF does so many good things, but at our core TWIF is about events. Throwing fun, charitable, community-building events is how we began, what we do most, and (arguably) what we do best. And if TWIF is about awesome events, then the turtle moving the TWIF world is surely our event leaders, loveably known as Sherpas.

Image from : Instagram

Image from : Instagram

And I’m not imagining any wimpy TWIF turtle. I’m picturing a green machine. Determined, unstoppable, the kind of tortoise tank who always beats the rabbit in the children’s stories (although being a Sherpa can get a bit hairy for sure).

This leads me to a donation compaign less than a week away -- GiveBig. Is it just another fundraiser? No way. First, the proceeds go directly to our Sherpa program, so if TWIF events are close to your heart, this one is for you. More Sherpas means more events and more fun. Even better, our campaign will receive stretch dollars through the Seattle Foundation, so your gift counts even more.

So, which turtle are you? If you’re lucky enough to have Sherpa’ed a group of TWIF volunteers, then woohoo! (And thanks!) But maybe that’s not your speed. If so, the good news is that now to May 3rd is your chance for the just-as-good “second turtle” option of GiveBig. It’s just as valuable. It’s your chance to Sherpa a Sherpa. After all, with a community like TWIF, it truly is turtles all the way down.

(Give Big is May 3!!)

(Give Big is May 3!!)

- Contributor Gabriel Ayerza TWIF board Member, President and Super-Turtle!

Check out Give Big on Facebook and our page with the Seattle Foundation!

Washington in Bloom: Visit the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

The tulips at Holland’s Keukenhof may be in 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, but Roozengaarde in Mt. Vernon, Washington is just as bucket list-worthy. And considerably more convenient to get to.

Located about an hour north of Seattle, the fields of tulips and daffodils, set against a gorgeous mountain backdrop, stretch as far as the eye can see. The annual festival of flowers is a favorite of photographers, tourists, families and locals. The rows and rows of colorful blooms are not to be missed!

Though the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival runs throughout April, this may be the last weekend to see the blooms in all their glory, thanks to the amazing sunshine we’ve had lately.

After a stroll around the fields, pop in the gift shop for your own bouquet of tulips and a bag of fresh kettle corn for the ride home.  

Tip: If you’re planning to head up on Saturday, be sure to get there early to beat the traffic and crowds. Don’t forget your selfie stick. Trust me, you’ll want it.

For more information about the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, visit Roozengaarde’s website.

- Caitlin Huson, TWIF Blogger

The Best Rainy Day Activities in Seattle

Whether you were born and raised in Seattle or are just visiting for the weekend, there’s a good chance you will experience a rainy day, but instead of wallowing inside with nothing to do, why not experience the city from the indoors? Seattle knows a thing or two about rainy days so it’s no surprise there are plenty of cheap activities to enjoy sheltered from the elements. Here are 5 activities that will get you excited for that rainy day forecast and won't hurt your wallet!

1. Browse a bookstore

Elliott Bay Book Company's Capitol Hill Space http://www.elliottbaybook.com/

Elliott Bay Book Company's Capitol Hill Space http://www.elliottbaybook.com/

What’s a better way to spend indoors than getting lost in a sea of books? Elliott Bay Book Company in the heart of Capitol Hill is sure to offer something for every reader. Browse new selections or discover bargain editions of your old favorites. Each section of books also features staff recommendations on handwritten cards. Grab a cup of coffee in the adjoining cafe and you may find yourself wishing for more rainy days.


2. Free First Thursday

photo courtesy of EMP's website http://www.empmuseum.org

photo courtesy of EMP's website http://www.empmuseum.org

Many Seattle-area museums drop their admission fees on the first Thursday of every month. With our city's collection of museums, there is sure to be something for everyone! The Experience Music Project (EMP) is currently offering a Hello Kitty exhibit while the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) showcases new exhibits frequently as well as the standing collection.


3. Volunteer with TWIF

Why not spend one of your rainy days connecting with the community? The World is Fun offers numerous events throughout the month to provide fun activities you can feel good about doing! Everything from food prep and sorting to beers and bingo for a cause, there is sure to be something that peaks your interest. Check out the upcoming events we have planned and start having some fun!


4. Visit Volunteer Park Conservatory

the flowers are always in bloom at the Volunteer Park Conservatory!

the flowers are always in bloom at the Volunteer Park Conservatory!

Looking to experience some of Seattle’s beautiful nature but still be sheltered from the rain? Then head to the Volunteer Park Conservatory located in Capitol Hill. For only $4 a ticket you can experience the five different rooms this 100 year old attraction has to offer. Everything from orchids to the cactus room will keep you eager to see what waits around the next corner. Also located near the conservatory is a water tower which is open for everyone to climb and see a unique view of the city.


5. Take a Coffee Shop Tour

a sample of Cafe Allegro's lovely offerings from http://www.yelp.com

a sample of Cafe Allegro's lovely offerings from http://www.yelp.com

This wouldn’t be a Seattle to-do list without a mention of coffee! Do as the Seattleites do and spend the dreary days indoors with a hot cup of coffee and good conversation. Make an afternoon out of it and hold a DIY coffee walking tour. Hanging out in Capitol Hill? Walk down Broadway and stop in Espresso Vivace for a cappuccino then head to Roy St Coffee Shop and snag a plush chair if you’re lucky. Reminisce your undergrad days and head north to the University District; stop in Herkimer Coffee for a latte then wander to Cafe Allegro to enjoy a cup in a unique, homey atmosphere.

- Annie Stephenson -  TWIF blogger

TWIF Volunteers in Action at North Helpline!

Look how much awesome work you can accomplish in four hours on a Saturday!

Look how much awesome work you can accomplish in four hours on a Saturday!

Do you ever sleep in on Saturday morning and then wish you had done something more productive? Well, We have 9 volunteers from The World is Fun who recently had a super fun Saturday morning giving back to the community in a big way at North Helpline food bank! 

North Helpline's vision is to improve food and housing security for the people of greater north Seattle. They do this by promoting, demonstrating, advocating for and collaboratively building an equitable and regional food and human services system. For over 19 years, North Helpline has provided the community with basic human emergency services with a focus on promoting dignity, self-respect and hope. 

At TWIF, our number one priority is to make sure you’re always having fun

Our Volunteers helped clients pick out groceries and restocked food. At TWIF, our number one priority is to make sure you’re always having fun, so volunteers were in groups or pairs -  so you are sure to make a friend or two! At the most recent North Helpline event, we had many volunteers besides the TWIF team.  We met regular volunteers - one volunteer had been volunteering there every Saturday for six years - Talk about dedication!

Our Volunteers met with community members and helped them select groceries

Our Volunteers met with community members and helped them select groceries

During the busy four-hour event, we served around 622 people! Wow! No one ever got bored and it was astounding at how fast time flew by. Being surrounded by yummy food for four hours can make you hungry, so volunteers had a break room with snacks to keep their energy high!

North Helpline provides important services and nutritional support to the North Seattle Community

North Helpline provides important services and nutritional support to the North Seattle Community

If this sounds fun to you, you’re in luck! TWIF will be back at North Helpline on March 19, so check out our events page, sign up and volunteer with us!

- Samantha DeMars-Hanson, TWIF Volunteer Sherpa

5 Reasons Why Food Prep Volunteering Takes the Cake

TWIF does a lot of volunteer events with culinary organizations and meal provision programs in the Seattle community - we partner with organizations like Farestart, North Helpline and Chicken Soup Brigade. These events are a blast, and a great way to give back!

1. You learn to cook from professional chefs

Even if you’ve never cooked before- there is no need to be intimiated, these people have experience working with volunteers. With their expertise and guidance, your dish could be served in a five-star restaurant (or will at least be tasty and nutritious). Sure, preparing coleslaw and baked ziti for 1200 is a little different than making a cozy meal for two, but you’ll gain some valuable kitchen skills, like proper knife work!

2. There is never a shortage of things to do!

If this is your first time volunteering and you’re a little anxious about what you’ll be doing and who you’ll be doing it with - We recommend a meal prep event! There is always more to be done and the chefs and kitchen attendants are really great about telling you what to do (they also want to make sure that you don’t cut a finger off, so they keep an eye on everyone). If youare looking for an opportunity to keep busy, meal prep events are for you!

3. Everybody eats.

Food is one thing we have all have in common! It makes for a great conversation starter. The options are endless; What’s your favorite food? What’s your favorite restaurant in Seattle? Do you like to cook? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

4. They may feed you.

Maybe this hearkens back to those starving student days in college, but we recommend taking chef prepared (or chef instructed) meals. And, as one of our volunteers said, “count me in if there’s food.” At our Farestart volunteering events you get to sample what you make. Last time I volunteered I had a delicious jambalaya that we helped make.

5. You can see the impact you are making!

Sometimes when you volunteer it’s difficult to feel like you’ve really made a difference. If you’re volunteering at a benefit fundraiser, you don’t necessarily get to see what all the money you’ve raised goes toward. At meal prep events, sometimes you serve the food and are able to actually meet the people you are impacting. Other times you just see the staggering amounts of food you are making and sending out in a single day. Walking away from a meal-prep event, you really feel like you’ve made a difference.

Bonus reason: Hairnets are the great equalizer.

Worried about volunteering at an event where you don’t know anyone? At food events, almost everyone has to wear a hairnet. It’s kind of like a superhero cape. Put it on, and you can do anything! Or everybody looks so silly and it breaks the ice. Either way, it's win-win.

-Lily Rybarczyk -  TWIF Volunteer Sherpa and hairnet supporter

Bacon, Eggs & Kegs is ON NOW!!!!!!

Don't Miss it! Tickets are still available!

This weekend The world is fun will be in full attendance ensuring you have the tastiest time ever at Bacon Eggs and Kegs -  a Boozy Breakfast festival hosted in Century Link Field this Saturday and Sunday from 11-3!

Why Attend?

Need we say More??????

Need we say More??????

A 30 foot Bloody Mary bar!

More than 30 Pacific Northwest Breweries pouring!

Boozy Coffee (Cinnamon Whiskey?! Yes please!) 

Chef prepared Breakfast Creations

Straight up BACON

MUSIC & GAMES & awesome company!


Get your tickets (While we have em!) at http://www.baconeggsandkegs.com/ or at the door!

Set Your TWIF Support in Stone!

As you know -  this year we are celebrating our community by giving you a chance to be part of our courtyard with your very own customized paver in our awesome outdoor space! What better gift to get for yourself, or your friend or partner while also supporting TWIF's work! You even get to come to an exclusive reveal party

True to our love of creativity and the individuality of our community -  you can personalize these however you want! We Still have over 200 12 inch by 12 inch cement pavers available to fill our outdoor space. We want our outdoor space to be as beautiful, interesting, and colorful as our AWESOME membership and community!  

You have all kinds of options

We need your help to make our courtyard and the world a more awesome place at the same time!

In case you were looking for an excuse or some inspiration -  today is National Staff Appreciation Day, March is Peanut Butter Month and National Craft Month, or make this anniversary a 'concrete' anniversary!

Thanks for making the world fun with us -  and making our courtyard a fun place to hang with fun people!

check it out here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/labor-of-love--6/#/




We are so excited to report that we have 23 awesomely personalized pavers coming to the courtyard thanks to those who have contributed to our Labor of Love initiative! The plan is to fully to pave our outdoor space with inspiration from our community by laying 300 individual 12x12 pavers sponsored by and with designs inspired by you!

23 down, 277 to go!!!

23 down, 277 to go!!!

We did the math, and that leaves an awesome opportunity for 277 new pavers, or if you want to take advantage of the chance to really make an impact: 

View the details and get yours today!