The Bench (from The List)

One of the items on my list that I think I was the most excited about originally was the bench behind St. Mark's Cathedral in Capital Hill. Someone from Seattle told me about this legendary bench before I even left Richmond and since this was an item that offered a great veiw, was off the beaten path and free to explore, I loved the idea.

Well, here's the bench. Notice the view?


Feeling that this couldn't be right, we wandered slightly down nearby trail where Seth found a homeless guy's house. The guy wasn't home but Seth used his bathroom. I forgot what he was reading but it was a big book with little pictures.


So the final result was a little disappointing but overall, it was pretty fun thinking of the possibilities and seeking them out. Seth looked like he had tons of fun at least.


Turns out, hours after leaving here and retelling this adventure, we may have not wandered far enough down the trail and we may have been at the wrong bench. I guess I would totally be up for re-checking this place out.