Drunken Frat Defeated!


After spending Thursday night working on my moped and getting it back to running condition, I was excited to be able to do something on Friday night - especially since I didn't have to work on Saturday.

The night began with a trip to the airport to pick up my roommate (Kim) on her return from Chicago. Now, under most circumstances, this wouldn't necessarily be a fun task in itself but because I rarely drive and I wasn't quite sure on the directions to the airport, I saw this as more of a challenge than anything else. I made it there before she came outside wondering where I was so that mission was accomplished.

After the airport, I mopeded over to Solo where my friend Seth was DJ-ing. On the way home I was knocked off my moped by a drunken frat boy. Don't worry mom, I landed on my feet and I was wearing my helmet. After that ridiculous fiasco Dean and I headed from Queen Anne back to Ballard. We didn't get very far when my exhaust blew off and for the second time in one week I found myself sitting on the side of the road with my moped.

Dean quickly found a solution by waking his roommate Josh up at 2 am and Josh swarmed in with an assist. Thank you Josh.