Cupcake Royale (from The List)

Ok, this one actually happened over a week ago but I have been patiently waiting for my friend Kurt to send me the pictures. Since he's now out of town for a few days, I am going to post and add pictures later.

I have a friend named Ali who now lives in Chicago that has a cupcake obsession. I cannot hear the word cupcake without thinking about her so checking this off my list has to be done in her honor. So here it is Ali...

After reserving a Flexcar and making a second trip to Ikea, Kurt and I decided to stop into Cupcake Royale to get coffee and cupcakes. I really have to say, I love this place. It has a great Ballard feeling to it.

Their tagline, "Legalize Frostitution" should win you over immediately but once you enter and see all of the cupcake varieties all lined up for you to choose from, you will be in cupcake heaven. Combine that with a delicious cup of coffee? Need I say more?
My cupcakes are still the best cupcakes in town but since I rarely make them, you should check this place out. In Ballard at 20th and NW Market. There are other locations around town as well.

This was off The List.