Jason the Seattle Superhero

Last night is ranking pretty high up on my ‘favorite nights in seattle’ list. a night that began with boardgames and Thai food delivery to my house ended in the most amazing way…. Matt’s friend Jason (who now is like a Seattle Superhero in my mind) first took us to a Japanese restaurant in the International District. I’ll admit, I am always intrigued by international districts and exploring Seattle’s has been high on my list but other than an occasional moped ride through there, I just hadn’t got around to it.

So at the Japanese restaurant, which I have forgotten the name, we were greeted by a super friendly bartender and a handful of bar patrons. the place was new and nice and very quiet for a Saturday night but the kitchen was already closed and things were dying off. So we had a few drinks, the first of which the bartender insinuated was a “girly” drink followed by some Japanese beer.

After leaving the Japanese restaurant, Jason gave us the choice of going to a sketchy bar or a sketchy bar/bowling alley.  I said “both” and thus the fun began. The first stop… the bar/bowling alley.

For the first time since landing in Seattle, I was at a bar that didn’t have a drunken sailor or a slew of annoying drunk hipsters. No pretension, cheap drinks and a little whim of fear… especially when the police came in and wrangled a guy to the parking lot.

After leaving the glorious bowling alley bar we went to another Asian bar that unfortunately was holding some sort of private wedding reception. We stepped inside the door and it became very apparent that this place needs to be revisited… but alas, we weren’t up for crashing a wedding so we moved on to the Beacon Pub in Beacon Hill.

This place had the strangest mix of people I have ever seen in one place. Surprisingly, with the low cost of beverages, no one in the bar seemed to be overly intoxicated for a Saturday night. The place had an amazingly awkward one man band entertainer who’s rendition of “Never Gonna Get It” totally drew us in.

This night totally renewed my faith in Seattle….. I stepped out of the norm and everything around me became exciting again and I can’t wait for more exploration.