Six Weeks Ago..


Six weeks ago, I made a spontaneous decision to uproot myself from a long stint in Richmond and head west to Seattle. To many this seemed crazy and out of the blue and honestly, it felt that way to me as well. My reasons for leaving were not as concrete as someone who would be relocated for work or returning to family. My reasons were simply that all signs were pointing me in that direction.

I'm a planner. Its a blessing and a curse. I'm not saying that everything in my life has a plan, but there are somethings that I like to work out in advance. So without planning I make the decision to move, give notice at my job and start the tedious process of figuring out what would happen next.


Now, six weeks later, I sit in Richmond with 13 days left on the Richmond clock. I have sold or given away practically everything I own, including my car, furniture and a lot of stuff I previously thought I couldn't live without. I am amazed at how liberating it can be to get rid of things and I plan to make an effort in Seattle to not buy anything I don't need. In fact, I have kind of planned a "Craigslist Challenge" to see how cool I can set up my new house from the Free section on Craigslist.

I found out this afternoon that the 25 boxes I shipped to Seattle earlier this week have made it safely so, at this point, I believe I have officially moved (I only have a suitcase here in Richmond). So, here I sit in a holding pattern.