The Happiest of LA Hours

Locale: Danny’s Venice; Venice Beach; Los Angeles, CA

Date: Sunday Feb 16th

Company: Brendan, Danny, Seth, Matt, Chris, Lydia, Lydia’s friend, Josiah, Cindy, Justin, Arianna

Parking: What’s nicer than a mile walk after a late lunch?

During the Latebirds’ Flock Yeah moped rally, a few of us broke off from the large group and decided to go to the beach. We walked along venice beach and watched the statue guy. He was pretty good at standing still. There were a lot of places to get henna tatoos and buy ponchos. No one in our party got either. Someone spotted a happy hour sign; I got happy. Happy hour was from 4 to 7 and it was ten til 4. It was meant to be. We were seated near the bar and everyone was hungry and anticipating yummy treats. We were a little discouraged by the 7.50 minimum per customer since the point of happy hour is cheap eats/drinks, but we all decided on what we wanted. Then we waited. And then, we waited some more. The service was sluggish at best. When it was my turn to order, I requested a cuban sandwich, some Parmesan fries, and a mojito. Yum. The food was yummy and Arianna and I both agreed that we should have split an order of fries rather than ordering two. The drink.. was lemonade with a pile of whole mint leaves on top. If that is how you make a mojito, then it was right on target. Disappointed, my second drink was a vodka tonic which was also mediocre. Everyone was happy that we had food in us, but the tab was a little unreasonable for happy hour (gratuity was included but not necessarily deserved.) Thanks to the fellow rally hijackers for the lovely company, and maybe next time we’ll have better luck in happy houring.

-Jen Fein