Who knew pleasant things could happen before 8am?


I have come to the firm conclusion that the holidays make people act in extremes. They are either extremely giving and festive (awesome!) or they are stressed out, frazzled and uncompassionate. Its a sad reality the same holiday carols that evoke feelings of comfort enjoy in some raise stress levels in others. Today I received an early morning reminder of how great and giving humans can be.... at Starbucks of all places. While running late the morning (as I usually do in the mornings) I swung by the Starbucks Drive-thru on Westlake. I waited in line as per usual thinking about how I could benefit from more sleep while simultaneously planning the best way to conquer everything I had to do today.

When I arrived at the window to pick up my coffee and pay I was informed that the person in the vehicle in front of me had paid for my coffee in an "act of holiday cheer." At first, when the news was disclosed to me, my un-caffeinated self had a hard time processing this information... did the person in the car in front of me know me? ... did I look particularly needy of coffee? ...is coffee the Seattle version of Santa Claus. Either way, I am thankful for there generosity and it really made my morning.