Trade in Your Tired Old Carmel Latte for a Karma Latte

*A special message from our Executive Director*

Reflecting  on the past few years, I can’t believe how fast The World Is Fun has  grown. Evolving from an idea to build community and promote philanthropy  in young Seattleites to a 100% volunteer run 501(c)3 organization has  been quite the journey. TWIF has gained the talents of a wonderful  volunteer staff making everything run smoothly, formed priceless  relationships with dozens of Seattle’s greatest nonprofit organizations, built a volunteer force exceeding 1200 individuals, and most importantly, TWIF met you.

Maybe  you participated in Beard and Stache Fest and helped TWIF turn Seattle  whisker-crazy to help foster kids. Maybe you helped us cook up some delicious curry to feed the hungry. Or, maybe you  simply told us you like what we’re doing.

Without  support in all these ways, TWIF would not be where we are today. TWIF  has been so fortunate to be able to run our programs solely on the  generous support we’ve received. This generosity has allowed TWIF to not  only grow our own programs, but to help other Seattle nonprofits that  we believe in. With the growth of TWIF’s programs, our expenses have  begun to exceed our current funding. In order to continue doing what we  do we need your help.

I  hope you have found a positive experience with TWIF and that you have  seen firsthand the impact that we’ve been able to make with your help.  TWIF’s goal to propel our feeding program into 2012 is $9000.  I know  this sounds like a big number, but we at TWIF believe that the bigger  number is 3600. With your help, this is how many meals we can deliver  to those who need it most.

Skip your Tuesday latte or pass on dessert  at the restaurant on Friday night and instead join us in maximizing the  impact we can make on our community.  Any amount truly does make a  difference.  On behalf of TWIF’s board of directors, volunteer staff,  and those whose lives we’ve touched, I ask you to please consider making  a one time or recurring donation to TWIF and to help us spread the word by sharing this opportunity with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Full details on our year-end fundraising campaign can be found here.

Thank you for your support.

Amy Faulkner

Executive Director

Another way to help:

We are up for a $5000 Good Maker grant for our feeding programs. The recipient of the grant is determined by votes. Help us out by taking a minute of your time tovote for us! 


-Amber Carrigan