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What to wear at WEARhouse.

What should you wear to volunteer at WEARhouse on January 21, 2012? It poses a cunumdrum. If one opts for business professional, then comfort and full-range motion are sacrificed. Active or athletic wear, although providing lattitude for quick turns and bending at the knees, may provide too casual an appearance. A slightly darker black as opposed to a black turtleneck with a ski mask is ill-advised because:


1-You will frighten people

2-You WILL be escorted out of the building by security

3-Archer will be passe by January

The old standby of the suede cat-suit in burgandy or marigold is also frowned upon. Apparently after about 20 minutes or so one begins to smell like cumin. Who knew(I thought talc would be sufficient.) When in doubt, go with the “Coffee with an Ex” rule. If you would wear it to a casual, yet slightly awkward coffee meet-up (not a date) with an Ex, you can wear it volunteering. Or, you could ask the Volunteer Lead, which makes much more sense. The Volunteer Lead can be reached by email: or  tel: 206-414-8943

I like toys. I like robot toys, toy trucks, monster toys, and plush toys that can take a beating. I like slime in a can, Easybake, Legos and pretty much all superhero action figures (except Aquaman. He’s lame.)

I enjoy hanging out with my kid on the floor and wrecking stuff. It is a bonding experience hanging out with my daughter but, truth told: there are two advantages of having children no one talks about, left overs (please, Mac and Cheese with Hot dogs. Hell yeah) and toys.

Do you know what I don’t like? Kids lacking toys. That’s why I’m heading over to First Hill on December 17th to Sort Toys for Kids in Need.

We’ll be going through toy donations at Childhaven. If you like toys or kids you should come too, they are not mutually exclusive.

Come volunteer with us!

We are currently still accepting a few more wonderful volunteers for:

 YWCA Gingerbread House Party TOMORROW!

Operation Sack LunchJanuary 7th

Happy Friday TWIFfers 

-Amber Carrigan