Summer in Seattle--Museum of Flight

Welcome back friends and family adrift in the infosphere! I bring you more of my saga as a student spending a Summer in Seattle!

This week, I made my way out to Boeing’s Museum of Flight.

This was a trip that I was looking forward to. I love museums, especially ones on unfamiliar subjects, and despite having visited the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum on multiple occasions I still only know the basics of aeronautic history.

The only disadvantage I can think of is that this Museum is down by the Boeing airfield, a substantial trek for someone without a car. Nevertheless, getting there is relatively simple if you take the 124 from downtown Seattle.

A flying car would have made the trip a good bit easier.

Once inside, I was extremely impressed by the number of galleries and equipment on display. It’s one thing to see diagrams and read descriptions of these aircraft, spacecraft, and various other vehicles, but seeing them was an incredible experience.


The main gallery of the museum was on of the most impressive, hosting a huge array of planes both on the ground and suspended in midair.

There were also some impressive exhibits on space travel scattered throughout the museum. I particularly enjoyed the mini-tour of a shuttle living quarter that was on display.

And one can’t forget the historical aspect. Especially the space-monkeys

And how can we not mention the noble space-dog?

The only disappointment was in some of the more draconian restrictions

After touring the interior of the museum, be sure to check out the field across the street (I almost forgot to go there) where you can board the first Air Force One and a Concord.

Functional and comfortable!

Overall, the museum was pretty awesome. Well worth the trip if you can spare the time!

Come back soon to read about more of my Summer in Seattle!

-Patrick Killen