Art Parties This Weekend!

There are so many art parties, openings, and events are happening this weekend.

Remember your art etiquette:

Say hi to the artists, speaker, or performers. It’s so cool to mingle with these artists and ask them questions about the work or let them know that you enjoyed it.

Be open minded, even for the most bizarre of display. Allow yourself to be shocked, disturbed, awed, and amazed by art if it all fails walk away and ask for opinions. Start a discussion on it and before you know it you’ll be flirting over a conceptual painting of space and depth.

Finally, if there are drinks, take them, have them, and share them. You can’t be a pretentious art sponsor without booze.

Here we go!

Affordable Art Fair Nov. 8th-11th

SAM Remix  Nov. 9th 7:30pm-12:30am

Rock Hushka: Counter-Practice Nov. 9th 1-5pm

zoe | juniper Nov.9th 11-5pm

Enjoy Veterans Day at Olympic Sculpture Park !

-Eva Mayha Davis