Shop Local for the Holidays

With consumerism in overdrive this month, I implore you to consider supporting local artists and shops this holiday season. You'll surely warm the hearts of your friends and family with unique gifts that help our local economy flourish. This weekend is the perfect opportunity for such a meaningful endeavor! Here are a few ideas for shopping local:

Urban Craft Uprising :: Exhibition Hall, Seattle Center :: December 7-8

For the past 9 years, Urban Craft Uprising has put on a legendary fair that just oozes craftiness. Stop by this free event for cozy knits, cutesie plush toys, home-sewn delights, and original artwork. They'll also have food to sustain shoppers as they peruse over 150 vendor shops.


Image: Artwork by D.P. Sullivan.

PNA Winter Festival & Crafts Fair :: Phinney Center :: December 7-8

The craftiness doesn't end at Seattle Center. Head to the Phinney Ridge neighborhood for the Winter Festival and Crafts Fair, which features more than 115 local artists and performers. General admission is $4; proceeds benefit the PNA hot food program, before and after school childcare, and the Greenwood Senior Center.


Image: Phinney Neighborhood Association

Pike Place Market :: Seattle Waterfront :: Everyday!

This gem holds its own and needs no flowery convincing on my part. Pike Place is really second to none when it comes to an all-inclusive shopping experience. The local artistry, topnotch. The food, perfection. Don't forget to head downstairs to the record shop, used bookstores, comic shop, and sundry other businesses that promise authentic shopping experiences.

Happy local shopping, friends!