4 Reasons to Get Off the Couch and Get Outside

It's the end of January and we've reached that mid-winter lull when we're no longer motivated by the joy of the holidays to power through the chilly days with a smile. We find ourselves wanting for Spring rather than being satisfied with a cozy fire and a winter warmer in hand. But the PNW has had many a rainless day lately and countless breathtaking sunsets, so don't wait for Spring's distant arrival to embrace the outdoors. Here are 4 reasons you should get off your couch and get outside:

1. Because the views downtown offers are too majestic to miss. And while you're there, be a tourist in your own city. Have a cocktail at the Alibi Room, use the Gum Wall as a photo backdrop, and don't forget to head downstairs to Orange Dracula, an eccentric little shop that houses one of the best black and white photo booths in the city (trust me on this one, the exposure and white balance are flawless).


2. Because houseboats. Take a stroll through the unchartered corners of Gasworks Park and you'll find darling houseboats that gently rock on Lake Union's wake. It may seem a little peeping-Tom-ish---obviously you should respect the residents---but it doesn't hurt to daydream a little.


3. Because the Bainbridge Island ferry guarantees lovely views of both the city and nature, but also because the 30 minute ride gives you just enough time to plan upcoming adventures---like where you'll journey on the first warm day of Spring.


And, since you'll be visiting the Island, stop in at Island Vitners for an $8 wine flight and an ever-welcoming atmosphere. If vino just isn't your thing, head down the main drag to the beloved Mora Iced Creamery; your taste buds will thank you.


4. Because hiking to Twin Falls at Olallie State Park makes you feel like you've stepped into an enchanted forest. Bring your camera and your endurance, guys, this place is gorgeous. Olallie is about 45 miles east of Seattle and boasts six miles of hiking trails. Winter just happens to be the best time to see the waterfalls. So, couch or roaring falls hedged in an old growth forest? I think we both know the correct answer.



Sometimes life is better spent outdoors, so go have your adventure!

- Sheryl is one of TWIF's Blog Editors and ready to get off her couch