36th Annual Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival

On June 30th, The Center for Wooden Boats kicked off its 36th Annual Wooden Boat Festival on Lake Union. The festival lasted until July 4th, where it gave its final hoorah until next summer. The festival offered live music for people to enjoy, food and retail vendors, as well as giving children the opportunity to create and build their on tiny sail boats and then sail them. People also brought their boats to the marina for spectators to observe and then vote for their favorite.

By the time I got there, the festival was winding down for the day which was nice because I have been to a bunch of festivals this summer so it was nice to walk around and enjoy how quiet it was. Also, I’m sure it would’ve been a lot busier earlier and then I wouldn’t have been able to sit in the Hot Tub Boat!

My friend Teri and I enjoying the warmth of the water in the Hot Tub Boat.

We walked around the docks and checked out all the other boats being presented. Most all of the boats you can go onto and check out, but since it was later in the day a lot of the boats had closed up for the day. It was fine I didn’t really want to go in all of them anyways, just look at the exterior was fine enough for me!

Here are some more of the boats we saw!

Dragon boats with cowboy hats!

Inside the dragon boats. They had drums!

From big to small, any sort of wooden boat is welcome to show at the Wooden Boat Festival. I hope everyone checks out this awesome festival next year!