Milk Carton Derby 2012

This year was Seafair’s 42nd Annual Milk Carton Derby sponsored by Denny’s at Greenlake Park. Every year men, women, children, families, and businesses build their boats out of milk cartons (yes, it really is out of milk cartons) and race for the grand prize and the first place title. Before going to this event, my roommate asked me what it was and I told her that I had no idea because I really didn’t know! I looked it up on the internet to get an idea, but for this years race I didn’t know what kind of boats to expect or crowd, either.

When I got there there was a long row of tents of vendors on both sides and a lot of people in the middle, typical Seattle weekend event crowd from my experience so far. Unfortunately I didn’t make it in time to see any of the races, so I walked down the row to see what I could see other than the vendors. Here is what I saw:

Milk carton boat tired from its race.

Father and his kids still trying to race, I’m glad I saw this because it gave me an idea of what the races would’ve looked like.

Catamaran style milk carton boat

I don’t know if there is any milk cartons built into this one or if it was even race, but it’s still pretty cool, right?!

Canoe style almost. It was cool to see that people really put some thought into these boats.

I don’t know if this one was raced either, but I like the Space Needle on it.

If I’m still in Seattle next summer I will definitely be getting to this event early to see the races, I’m really sad that I got there too late, but there is always next year ;)