Northwest Lovefest

After three years of the Northwest Lovefest opening its gates to the Seattle community, it was still very small, but still growing by each year. Since Lovefest was still pretty small this year there were more volunteers than needed, but they found a way to put all the volunteers to use. During the day, there was not much going on, retail and food vendors were still setting up and waiting for more people to arrive. By the late afternoon the music was booming and people were drinking in the beer garden and enjoying themselves.

Myself and the other intern got put to work for 7 hours! We volunteered in one of the food vendors tents grilling up corn and sausages. It was a long day. The tent was very close to the main stage so we were still able to watch the bands and listen to their music while on the job.

Unfortunately this is the only pictures I took during Lovefest.


I hope next year will bring in more people and eventually, as more years pass, Northwest Lovefest can be officially on Seattle-ites summer calender of events.