Red, White & Dead Zombie Walk

For 4 years, Seattle has been battling any and every city for the Guinness Book of World Records for the yearly record of the largest Zombie Walk. Last year, nearly 7,000 people registered to be recorded for the Guinness Book of World Records, but unfortunately Seattle wasn’t awarded the title. Mexico City won it! This year Seattle fought back to win the record. I overheard someone say there was about 10,000 people that showed up to the Zombie Walk. That’s a lot! I’m unsure of how many of that 10,000 were registered to be recorded, but even still that’s a huge jump from last years 7,000.

I unfortunately did not participate, but I did spectate, that’s gotta count for something, right?! Well here are some pictures that I took for you to enjoy :)

The line just to register to be recorded for the Guinness Book of World Records

And the walk begins. Some were into it more than others hehe

Dead Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Dead tacky Hawaiian tourists

The zombies attack!

Once again, some were more into being a zombie than others

No matter what city you’re in if there is a zombie walk, go! It’s a super fun experience and fun to do with a big group of friends.