Road Dogs Brewery Tour

Last week I applied for a job at Road Dogs Brewery Tour to be a tour guide that goes around to 3 different Seattle breweries per tour. I know nothing about how beer is made. All I know is that I like to drink it, ha! Dustin Boast, the owner and founder of Road Dogs, started the company a year ago and it has grown ever since. Road Dogs offers tours to about 20 breweries in the local Seattle area and it’s very cool to go check out. Each brewery has their own unique style.

Teri and I at Georgetown Brewing Company

First stop was the Georgetown Brewing Company. Georgetown started in 2002 by Roger Bialous and Manny Chao and has grown to be one of Seattlites favorite brewing company. Georgetown doesn’t bottle their beer at all so you can’t find it in stores, but pretty much every bar has Georgetown on tap. Customers can get the beer on tap at bars, or get growlers or kegs at the actual Georgetown brewery.

A taster and the tasting menu.

Inside Georgetown, where the magic is made.

Next up we went to Pyramid Brewery. They don’t use this brewery anymore to brew all their product, it’s only used for brewing and testing new beers that could possibly be put on the special beer menu or added to the Pyramid beer family.

Tasters at Pyramid

The next brewery that we went to was Hale’s Ales in Fremont. This brewery was unique because in their fermenting process they fermented with open tanks. They have mirrors on the ceilings for people to see into the tanks of beer and to get a glimpse of the fermenting process. Pretty much after Georgetown Brewery I forgot to take pictures, we all know why ;) but I promise this tour is definitely worth it. You get to try so much amazing beer that Seattle’s breweries have to offer.

Teri and I had nothing to do that day so we agreed to go on another tour! We went to Georgetown again and then to Big Al’s in SoDo and Emerald City Brewery. I didn’t take pictures at these either :( Big Al’s was a really small brewery which also made it so cool because it was in such a confined space and it just seemed very “homey” in a way haha. The head brewer just seemed like he really loved his job.

Teri and I after the 2nd tour…still alive and going strong!

Emerald City Brewery was really cool because it is located in the old Rainier Brewery, which was really cool. Emerald City is also a small brewery, but the people really loved their jobs.

Road Dogs is listed on TravelAdvisor and is highly recommended on a bunch of online travel guides for Seattle. I definitely recommend! Road Dogs also offers Seattle distillery tours, too! I will be going on one tomorrow, so I will post about it!

Here’s the website for Road Dogs, check it out!