Summer in Seattle - Olympic Sculpture Park

Task Two- Olympic Sculpture Park

Right down Broad St. and along Puget Sound you’ll find the Olympic Sculpture Park. It’s about a ten minute walk west of the Seattle Center.

At first I imaged the park to be littered with sculptures, but it’s quite the opposite. There are a few sculptures here and there in the park, sculptures along a bike trail below, and one or two behind along a road. At first I was confused, but as I walked around I ended up liking the set up of the park. I didn’t feel like I was being overwhelmed by sculptures and the view was awesome :)

I like the Space Needle in the background. This sculpture reminded me of a dinosaur and it’s about to chomp on the Space Needle

I liked this sculpture because it looked very Western especially with train tracks in the background and the birds hanging out.

The son is covered by water…what does this mean?!

TWIF at Father & Son Fountain!

I think I’m in love with this view.

The view from the Park was amazing. The vibe that the park gave me was so peaceful. Everyone who was there was enjoying the peace, too. I love it when parks and scenery just bring so much peace and tranquility, it reminds me that this life is definitely worth living.

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