Meet Nicole Starr, your friendly neighborhood music blogger

Your passion can persuade, drive, and inspire – both yourself, and those around you. My passion is music, and I was lucky enough to find a project that drives me to inspire others and persuade them to become involved. Music is a huge part of many people’s lives — it definitely is in mine. I’m not sure if that is due to the nature of my dreary Pacific Northwest surroundings or if it’s simply in my genes. What I do know is this project that The World Is Fun is launching will help the community find common ground through music.

In the coming months, I will be seeking out new talent, interviewing bands, getting local venues involved as well as individuals, and inviting them to have a beer or three. I can’t imagine a better opportunity for a music lover such as myself! In the past I have searched out new groups, gone to hundreds of shows, made mix tapes for friends and family (yes, I am that old) and done so all for the love of music. This time I get to reach out to people in the community and spread that love in hope of getting bands recognition and creating a network of like-minded people. Music lovers unite!

It is my goal to provide the readers with a series of engaging blog entries that showcase diverse sounds, interesting interactions, music events, and also give people the opportunity to become involved with these projects. The first of which will highlight the upcoming Bumbershoot Festival this Labor Day weekend. After researching and listening to literally every single band that will be playing this year, I will be putting together a top 10 list and post-concert review. I hope you find the content persuasive, inspiring, and with any luck, I hope it’ll drive you to go to a good show.

Nicole Starr is TWIF’s brand-new music blogger.