Art Euphoria & The Jacob Lawrence Gallery

I’m sure that in the past week, you have all heard enough about Ellles. Yes it was a groundbreaking exhibit in Paris, now it’s here in Seattle and only in Seattle. It gives the art community something to celebrate that is why there are relates Elles events happening all over the city. Which have you been to? Check the calendar!

On Tuesday night I stepped into the The Jacob Lawrence Gallery, for This is Private.

As the name suggests, it was intimate and I can’t talk about it. It was close to a life changing experience, because I had never participated in any type of performance work. I walked in and out without expectations and realized that all art is like that, you have to be willing to see it and participate. There is a sense of intimidation by works that ask so much of a person, but in reality it’s not enough.

Perhaps this is the euphoria that Seattle picked up on as Elles takes over. Everyone in the art community wants to get involved and understand why this exhibit is iconic in anyway. Participants will be part of one of the most significant and community art project in Seattle.

The Jacob Lawrence Gallery, is small venue catered to the students of UW but in the next two weeks, there will be an extravaganza of shows that show-off the best in Seattle, it’s Soft Power, Activated.

Video: Soft Power, Activated

Also, this weekend… do you have a date?

Henry Open House
October 26, 2012, 7–10 pm

Arts Crush Date Night 
2-for-1 Admission When Anybody Mentions “Arts Crush”
October 26, 2012, 5–9 pm

-Eva Davis is TWIF’s arts blogger