Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Looking for some last minute Halloween costume ideas?  Here’s a list of 7 genius costume ideas that just so happen to be both creative and cheap!

1.     Glow Stick man: Just throw on an all black outfit, some glow sticks, and go out looking for the darkest Halloween events, as this costume really only works in the dark. 

2.     An Instagram filter:This one’s perfect for those looking to get their arts and crafts on: just get a piece of cardboard, cut out a square, paint it white, and get some funky colored cellophane wrap to ensure you are in the best kind of light all night long.

3.      Zombie: Go with the classic Zombie costume: take some of your least favorite clothes, go out and cut them to pieces! The only thing left to do is paint some serious shadows on your face, add some fake blood, and your good to haunt the night!

4.     Rosie the Riveter: Find your best jean shirt, and red bandana to create a female icon! This is a great costume that anyone can pull off. All you would really need to add is a fun pin to your shirt collar and you’re good to go!

5.     Brawny Man: Dressing up as your favorite paper towel brand? Why not? Just throw on your favorite plaid shirt, add some jeans and belt and you’re all set! It wouldn’t hurt to maybe go out and buy a roll of Brawny paper towels, just to bring it all together.

6.     Witch: Dress up as a Halloween classic, just try to find an all black dress, maybe add some face paint to spice things up.  Draw from your some of your favorite witch characters- maybe the Wizard of Oz? This one definitely requires either a witch’s hat or a long black wig.

7.     Ninja: Now, this one is cheap, comfortable, and cool.  Finding the right pieces can be tough though, it’s probably best to start with some black leggings and go from there. You will need some kind of ninja head wrap for your face, but who wouldn’t want to be a ninja on Halloween?

I hope these ideas gave you some inspiration. Happy creating and Happy Halloween!


- Aryn Higgins, TWIF Blogger