The Dish: Once You Go Dish You’ll Never Go Back!

In Seattle it’s no secret that we love brunch on Sunday mornings before watching the HAWKS play, and one staple for a good ol' fashion wholesome brunch is The Dish on Leary Way!

On our chilly Sunday stroll last week my husband and I built up quite the appetite just as we approached The Dish. Usually the line is out the door, but last Sunday we were in luck. The smells of delicious pancakes, eggs and coffee filled the air as we got closer and with just one person on the list we thought this was fate and the perfect place for a brunch date.

Walking into The Dish just made me smile with its colorful plastic water cups, funny, unique coffee mugs, cute teapots and breakfast counter.

After ordering a piping hot tea and coffee to warm us up we were ready to take on the gigantic menu with everything from lighter fare like granola, to your staple omelets, to the more hearty chicken fried steak.

Everything looked great, but we decided on the Tofu Delight for me and Jim’s Junior for my hubby. Two completely different directions, but both equally delicious! Tofu Delight is a scramble of sorts full of tofu, garlic, spinach and mushrooms where as Jim’s Junior spices it up a bit with eggs, sausage and avocado smothered in tomatillo sauce. Yum right! I am getting hungry again just thinking about it.

                                                                    Tofu Delight                                   Jim's Junior

                                                                    Tofu Delight                                   Jim's Junior

Portions were large enough, but didn’t make you go quite into a food coma so it was perfect. We hardly spoke while we devoured the food, only taking breaths to grab a drink of water or steal a little bite off of the other person's plate. The waitress checked in on our table a few times and before we knew it our plates were both clean.

What a great brunch date. We loved the entire Dish experience and definitely think you should check out this venue. Take a look here for more details and the menu.


-Katie Darren, Brunch Loving Blogger