Member Trivia Night at Royal Bar and Patio

What if I told you that you can support your community by having fun and drinking on a week night? While it is true I am not Morpheus, what I just wrote most certainly is! Every Tuesday night at 8 pm, Trivia Night is taking place at Royal Bar & Patio in the U-District. While everyone's invited to play, the night is a fun opportunity for everyone involved with TWIF to come and hang together, and special perks are offered to TWIF members in the form of $2 Tallboys during trivia.

Last Tuesday yours truly decided to check it out. Being relatively new to Seattle, this was my first local trivia night and I brought my husband for back up. Seeing as the TWIFillicious (not sure how they spell it!) team was already packed, we decided to form our dynamic duo team.

A couple of tips for the newcomers: trivia is held on the Patio, so it's not for the faint of heart, cold wise. But they do have a couple of heaters, and of course drinks, to keep you warm (we liked the cider!). And this is where it gets fun. During the game, if your order any type of drink for the whole team and get the lovely bartender to sign your sheet of paper, you can use it as an answer to that one question that's giving you a hard time (just one?! I know...). It's limited to one 'alternative' answer per category. But all the drinks in the world couldn't have saved my team from being the seventh runner-up, as Eric, the host, so graciously phrased. In layman's term, we finished last out of eight teams. And teams were versatile, from a one man team, to the maximum six player teams.

We knew from the beginning that it was gonna play out that way, so we decided in this season of giving, that our participation would be a gift to one of the teams. How, you ask? Well, we gave them the gift of not finishing last. Merry X-mas team number seven!

All in all, it was a fun experience with six rounds of interesting and entertaining questions, where we learned a thing or two about American candies. There was also music, celebrities, general trivia, tattoos and extra points for the most imaginative team names.

Final tip for my husband and me, next time we should definitely team up with our fellow Americans! As much as we know about American culture, it was not enough, and add to that our zero knowledge about American sports... you get the picture. But I'm confident that's not gonna be an issue for the average Seattleite.

-Tomislava Lijović is a Social Media Coordinator and Blogger for The World Is Fun