A Year of Good Deeds

Along with losing weight and better managing finances, one common New Year’s Resolution is to help others. While it seems that New Year’s Resolutions usually lose steam by mid-March, one 26-year old in Cheltenham, UK has stayed true to his NYR for an entire year. Since January 1st, 2014 Luke Cameron has completed one good deed per day, all of which he records on his blog, The Good Deed Diary.

Image courtesy of The Good Deed Diary.

Image courtesy of The Good Deed Diary.

In memory of a generous family friend who died from cancer last year, Luke began doing nice things for strangers, friends and family on the first of the year. He started off small—buying meals for homeless folks, giving spare change to someone who didn’t have enough money for parking and baking cakes for friends.

He now has 12,000 followers on his Facebook page, and more than 6,000 Twitter followers. And he recently got a new job. Luke entered a competition run by Utility Aid, for the job of ‘National Philanthropy Manager’ or ‘The Nicest Job in Britain’, and eventually won. In 2015 he’ll be paid to travel across the United Kingdom and assist over 45 different charities.

Luke has decided to extend his habit of daily good deeds into 2015. “I think I have helped myself by helping others,” he said. “It really changes your perspective when you help people. You become so much more grateful for what you have.”