5 Reasons Why I Loathe Sports but Love the Seahawks

I am no sports fan. Just the sound of thousands of people screaming at something is a turn off to me let alone the uber macho attitude that accompanies most professional sports. That said, I have been Seahawks proud this week. Does that make me a phony? No, I never donned a 12th man jersey or pretended to know anything about the team, I simply fell in love with what the Seahawks going to the Superbowl did to this city.

TWIF was founded on the principle that if people come together for a common cause then we will strengthen our community - and a strong community is a great community. This week has been a great example of this. Here are my top five examples from this week. What's yours?

1. The Skyline 12 - our city is both beautiful and proud.


2.  7000 Microsoft employees get awesome.

3.  Cupcake Royale sweetened the deal.


4. Expedia went 9 stories tall.


5. And who doesn't love a SeaPony?


 The moral of the story? Let's keep this going Seattle. Of course I want the Seahawks to win today but I already couldn't be more proud.

- Amy Faulkner is the Executive Director and Founder of The World is Fun. She is likely no fun at sporting events.