Did Your Grandfather Lose His Grill?

My internet surfing safari made my day when I found this jewel courtesy of Boing Boing.  I am particularly intrigued by what the outcome will be and I really love the gum lines.


An estate sales expert needs your help identifying these false teeth, and is willing to pay for it:

Do you know who owned these Antique False Teeth? If you do, and can credibly prove it, we will reward the first person to do so with $500.00

Why is Fine Estate Sales and Estate Liquidation offering this $500.00 Reward – It’s simple, it’s because we don’t know who once wore them, and if we did, why, well, er…we could sell them for a lot of money, and buy a whole lot of dental floss…

Antique enameled and filigree gold false teeth, look them up: Do a Google search, or any other search that you can, I did, and I can’t find anything even remotely similar.

$500.00 Reward: Tell us who actually wore these teeth.


          $300.00 – 1st Prize: Best made up story about who wore 

$200.00 – 2nd Prize: 2nd Best made up story about who wore these teeth.

$100.00 – 3rd Prize: 3rd Best made up story about who wore these teeth.

-Amy Faulkner