Summer in Seattle--Fond Farewell

Well, you’ve done it, Seattle. I’ve fallen in love. Who can say what could have been the catalyst to our torrid romance?

Was it the curvaceous allure of your rolling hills?

Was it the siren song of your exquisite coffee?

Was it the decadent breeze tinged in the scent of smoked salmon?

I don’t know if I can ascribe the cause to any one thing, but I know this:

I must leave you my dear Seattle, and you as well, my most honored TWIF. Though by the time you read this message I will have long since returned to Louisiana in body, my heart resides with you still.

To my delightful, terrifying, exuberant, perpetually stressed-out but always marvelous and magnificent Internship dictator director, and to all of you northwest “freeze”-defying members and volunteers of TWIF, I give you the sincerest thanks and the fondest farewell.

None of this would have been possible without you, and certainly none of it would have been any fun at all in absence of your guidance.

So as I return to the scalding heat and other assorted nonsense of southern Louisiana, know that even now I miss each and every one of you, and that I vow to return with all haste.

I give you my final farewell in the only way I know how, written in the style of a cheap coming-of-age novel:

The summer was short, to be sure, but the memories would endure a lifetime. I treasure those brief months with all my heart, and the trepidation of my arriving was only conquered by my sorrow in leaving.

And as I boarded that plane, I knew with all certainty the answer to the question that I asked myself when I first arrived in that Emerald city:


Yes, The World Is Fun.

-Patrick Killen