Summer in Seattle--Pacific Science Center

Greetings my dear TWIFers and blog readers!

We near the end of my fun times in this grand city, but before I bid you farewell I have more tales to relate to you from my Summer in Seattle!

This time, I made my way to the Pacific Science Center and to Pagliacci Pizza!

Both excellent places, but I shall begin with the PSC.

The Pacific Science Center boasts a large museum with a variety of highly interactive exhibits, an IMAX theater, and an incredible butterfly exhibit(more on that later).

The museum is clearly geared toward younger audiences, but that doesn’t mean that older folks can’t learn something from a visit. I, for one, apparently had no idea how toilets worked before this trip.

In between all the informative tidbits there is a good bit of gratuitous fun-having sort of setups.

I’m sure this serves some scientific purpose, I just haven’t figured out what it could possibly be yet.

There was also a tide-pool petting zoo

But the most interesting part (for me anyway) was the insectarium. I will preface this by saying that I hate bugs. Truly.


But the main insect exhibits are not what I am referring to. I basically ran through that section with my eyes on the ground screaming silently in my head. The part I actually enjoyed was the butterfly exhibit.

This exhibit was a little slice of home in that the room itself is kept at tropical temperatures and humidity. The butterflies are everywhere, not clinging to ceilings or hiding god-knows-where, but all over the place. There are enough that there are attendants at the exit of the exhibit who check you for any “hangers-on” before you leave.

Plenty of great picture opportunities. Really cool exhibit. The museum as a whole is really interesting, but you might want to hold off on going unless you have a son/daughter/niece/nephew/godchild/etc. to bring along.
Pagliacci Pizza

Before I was ever instructed to visit this particular eatery, I noticed a few of them around the areas of Seattle I was passing through. I admit, it took me a long time to finally try the place, but believe me when I say I’m hooked.


The experience really began when myself and some friends called in an order. By “called in an order”, I mean to say, “we called them having no idea what their menu was or what we wanted”. The incredibly helpful (and patient) employee who answered the phone walked us through the options, and less than a half-hour later the doorbell rang with tidings of delicious, savory pizza-pie. The pizza pictured is the Verde with tomato sauce base, and I cannot recommend it enough. Its flavors are as hypnotic as its pesto-spiral.

My physical journey, and thus your vicarious journey, is coming to a close, friends. But fear not! I still have another tale forthcoming about my adventures in Seattle before I bid you all a final “Adieu”.

Return soon to read about more of my Summer in Seattle!

-Patrick Killen