Summer in Seattle--Seattle Art Museum

O faithful readers, our time together is nearing its conclusion. This is the last adventure I have to relate to you of my time in the grand Emerald City, so listen close to my fond recounting of my time at the Seattle Art Museum.

The Seattle Art Museum, or SAM, is known for its collection of modern pieces since, as one of my tour guides put it, all of the good old art was taken. This is fine by me, since the work housed in this museum is incredible.

My favorite art museum of all time is the Chicago Art Institute, but SAM easily takes second place. I say this having been to the Vatican Museum, the Tate Modern, and the Louvre.

The Louvre doesn’t even have cars hanging from its ceiling! Ha! Plebeians.

The work here was impressive, provocative, and undeniably beautiful. My favorite aspect of modern pieces is that they embrace the use of any and every form of media to express the artist’s vision.

This piece, Do-Ho Suh’s Some/One, is made from 40,000 welded dog-tags. The effect is stunning, and I can’t emphasize enough that this should be seen in person to fully appreciate its magnitude.

And where else could you go to find such an evocative rendition of St. John the Baptist?

The penguin represents…piety?

All in all, time very well spent. Their gift shop is also full of things that are awesome, so enter with caution. That trembling in your pocket is not your cellphone, it is your credit card quaking in fear.

Go there and see the amazing things to be seen! I promise you won’t regret it, art fan or not.

I have one more entry for you all (ya’ll?), before I sink back into the misty swamps of my origin. Return to read my fond farewell as my Summer in Seattle comes to a close!

-Patrick Killen