Lessons from Westlake

Things I Learned at the Westlake Tree-Lighting Ceremony:

During the Tree-Lighting Ceremony at Westlake Center in Downtown Seattle several life lessons were gained. As the TWIF newsletter is not only informative and entertaining, but also the repository of all human knowledge; the aforementioned life lessons are as follows:

  • 1-If the child you are with is cute enough, you can get in anywhere. Much like the renown “Clipboard and Confident Wave Principle” carrying a cute kid automatically gives you the air of honesty and authority. One could easily sprint past security into the Pentagon wearing a bunny suit as long as one is holding an adorable child.
  • 2-Holiday, Christmas, Winter Solstice, or whatever you call it: people smile more right about now.  Maybe it’s the thoughts of family and friends. Perhaps the idea of sharing that part of ourselves which is kind, generous and loving. Maybe it is the view of halcyon days past or experiencing the season anew through children. Faces simply seem happier this time of year. Now if only they would floss more…
  • 3-Kids think Santa is scary. Little Santa riding on a Norelco Razor: Cute. Real life old man with beard and make-up: Creepy.
  • 4-Riding a carousel backwards gives the appearance the horses want to eat you. This is a real phenomena as experienced first hand on the carousel. When you turn around to support the 5-year-old you are with, the cheery and beautiful carved horses suddenly become ferocious man-eaters. The instinct to flee outweighs the need to maintain your cool exterior.
  • 5-The majority of people would risk becoming Brundlefly rather than park downtown.
  • 6-Christmas lights are pretty, but fireworks are inspire awe! Sure you can elicit a round of hearty applause by lighting a tree, but if you really want people to stop and stare with Godlike command: Blow stuff up.

  • 7-That one drunk girl shows up at EVERY public gathering. Don’t. Be. Her.
  • 8-World peace could be achieved if everyone sat down with cups of hot chocolate and balloon animals. I am SO willing to try this. I am writing my congress member to put this into action.
  • 9-Personal Space is relative.
  • 10-Watching children’s faces light up during this season will make anyone go squishy around the pulmonary system.

Attending the event was very much like seeing TWIF’s mission in action. An active, engaged community was present. A caring and involved business community was brought the event to life. Lastly, an energetic and caring volunteer base brought the tow together. Attending the lighting made me rather proud to be a part of this group.

BIG thank you to everyone who came out! TWIF couldn’t reach out to as many people as we do without your help 

-Amber Carrigan