Help for Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Many of you have recently reached out to us and asked if we would be doing something for those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Even though our focus is typically specifically targeted to Seattle we have heard you loud and clear and we recognize the immense need on the east coast now so we wanted to provide you with a way to give back TWIF style.

First, if you simply want to give money to the cause we highly support you giving money to the Red Cross.

We have decided to start our efforts on a personal level. We’d like to start by introducing you to the Galas Family of Rockaway Queens. Dan the father is a New York City Sanitation worker and Kim his wife has Multiple Sclerosis . The home that they lived in with their three kids, Daniel, Davin and Saray, is no longer livable. They feel lucky that the house is still standing but every item in it was damaged by the hurricane and the house will need to be completely gutted and restored before it is habitable.


While Dan is busy working overtime in his sanitation job to help restore the city, his family is staying in a one bedroom apartment with another family that was also displaced due to the hurricane. This apartment was made available to them by a family friend. It has no heat or hot water but they are feeling blessed to have electric. This tiny one bedroom apartment is housing 9 people; 4 parents and children ages 7 months, 2 years, 3 years, 7 years and 9 years. It’s going to be a long road ahead for this family to restore their lives.

Here’s how you can help.
We will be collecting physical donations of the items listed below to send to this family. We hope that our TWIF community will contribute enough that we can help much more than this family but we need to start somewhere.

Here are some of the items that they need, new and gentle used donations will be accepted:
Daniel, age 3: sizes 5t, 12 1/2 shoes, clothes, sweaters, and winter coats
Davin, age 2: sizes 3t, 8-9 shoes, clothes, sweaters, winter coats and size 6 diapers
Saray, age 9: sizes 6 women’s bottoms and large tops
Dan: bottoms and tops XXL or tall tops, warm clothes
Kim: women’s size 6, warm clothes

Diapers for Davin – size 6
Dog Food
Cleaning Supplies
Heavy Duty Garbage Bags

Donations for these items can be dropped off at the following times & locations:
Sunday, November 4th:
5pm to 8pm @ Beer is Art – Seattle Creative Arts Center, 2601 NW Market St

Monday, November 5th:
12 noon to 3pm @ TWIF Headquarters, 7551 B 15th Avenue NW

Wednesday, November 7th:
12 noon to 6pm @ @ TWIF Headquarters, 7551 B 15th Avenue NW

Thursday, November 8th:
6-8pm @ TWIF Headquarters, 7551 B 15th Avenue NW

We plan to ship the package to the Galas family on Friday the 9th.

If you’re planning on dropping items off drop us a line so we’ll know when to expect you:

-Amy is the Founder and Executive Director of The World is Fun and an east coast transplant.