Eat Your Charitable Heart Out (Literally): 5 reasons to Volunteer with Seattle’s Eat for Equity

By Cami Hernandez

What’s more awesome than eating? Eating for a cause—which is the idea behind Eat for Equity’s (E4E) deliciously brilliant business model. Last Saturday, I got to experience E4E’s delectable approach to philanthropy first hand by volunteering as a kitchen aid at their Water 1st International Event, and I loved it. Here are five reasons I’d volunteer with E4E again.

1.     You’re helping out a charitable cause.

Picture 1.jpg

(Picture from Eat for Equity Facebook Page by Alex Garland)

That warm and fuzzy sensation you feel inside after an E4E event is not just from the home brewed beer you drank or the satisfaction of an amazingly cooked meal. That my friends is the feeling that you contributed to a justly cause. All of last night’s donations went to Water 1st International. The causes vary by each event and are nominated by guests and selected by E4E’s board members.

2.     The food.

(Picture from Eat for Equity Facebook Page)

Based on the cause they’re supporting, the E4E’s menu is continuously changing. Eat a Bengali feast one event and the next you’ll be served a four course Greek dinner. They also make sure to incorporate everyone’s taste buds and dietary restrictions—including vegan, gluten free, and meat lover dishes.

3.     The people.

(Picture from Eat for Equity Facebook Page)

Almost everyone who participates in an E4E event understands the power of food and how it can bring people together to do great things, I’m nearly certain you’ll bump into some really great people.

4.      They have a volunteer spectrum that would fit anyone’s palate.

(Picture from Eat for Equity Facebook Page by Alex Garland)

Now if cooking isn’t your forte, fear not, E4E has a range of volunteer opportunities that will fit your fancy. They allow you to choose how you can help out: donate a space for the dinner, be a delivery person by driving the donated food to the event site, a greeter for guests, a part of the cleanup crew, or you simply grab a ticket for the event, eat, and donate.

5.     The dranks.

(Picture from Eat for Equity Facebook Page)

Let the libations flow. Beer, bourbon, and wine. E4E seems to be always stocked with yummy alcoholic beverages, and they are not shy about letting you have a drink while you cook, eat, or clean. But alcohol isn’t all they have up their sleeves. Depending upon the theme, E4E tries to capture a common drink of the area they are representing. Last night E4E served homemade chai tea along with lassi.

As a noobish resident of Seattle (9 months and counting!) I thought E4E was a great way to get out of my house and experience the Seattle’s charitable scene. I definitely plan on doing it again. To learn more about Eat for Equity visit their Seattle Facebook Page and Website