Summer in Seattle - Savor Seattle Tour

Greetings twifables, the twifalicious, and everyone else who doesn’t have a TWIF button yet!

Welcome to another relatable relation of my wanderings about the city of Seattle.

The folks at Savor Seattle Food Tours were gracious enough to provide me with a tour of Pikes Place Market’s most iconic eateries. Read on to find out about the tastes of Pike’s Place!


Our tour guide was the sure and sanguine Santiago, who’s guidance and commentary was funny, helpful, and extremely entertaining throughout the tour. We visited a total of 10 places in the Pike’s Place Market, starting with Starbucks (with which I am sure you are all familiar) and ending at Etta’s Seafood Restaurant.

I will begin with food stop number 2, Daily Dozen Donuts (link)

Daily Dozen Donuts


Fluffy, delicately sweet, filled with bees. Two of those adjectives describe the bag of donuts we received from Daily Dozen at the beginning of our tour. Hint: I’d go back for sure.



A store filled with stories as bizarre as its spices, we tried one of their flavored black teas and smelled some of their smoked sea salt. Being a tea person, I returned to pass judgment on their quality and selection.


I was not disappointed. The quality of the tea there is superb, and you’d be hard-pressed not to find something you like there. I’m going to have to stock up before I head back down south, that’s for sure.

Pike Place Fish


What most people think of when they think of Pike’s Place Market. Yes, it is “that place where they throw the fish”.


Salmon Jerky!

The guys there are incredibly friendly, helpful, and the smoked salmon there is God’s own. Life-changing. Go try for yourself (they have samples).

Frank’s Quality Produce


I’ve always looked longingly into the fruit and vegetable stands of the Pike’s Place Market, itching to splurge on their admittedly decadent looking wares. The prices are still a bit out of my league, but I certainly didn’t turn down some samples.


I knew that Cherries and Apples here in Washington were awesome, but the blueberries took me by surprise. I doubt I’ll be able to resist picking up a few things the next time I pass by

Pike Place Chowder


Best Clam Chowder you’ll ever eat in your life. That’s what they told me, and it’s true so far.

I’ll keep you informed, but don’t hold your breath. I doubt anything will top the delicate flavor-splosion that Pike Place Chowder’s Clam Chowder and Seafood Bisque achieved.


Plus the seafood bisque had crawfish in it, so you know I’m an instant fan. 

Chukar Cherries


Delicious, expensive, all-natural. I will have to make someone hold on to my wallet the next time I pass by this place.


Cherry salsa

Also: Chocolate covered cherries. I ate them too fast to take a picture. It was practically cheating for them to serve that to me.

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

I love cheese! Also, I am lactose intolerant. Luckily, I brought my pills, so I was able to enjoy a small sample of Beecher’s Cheddar and their famous Mac and Cheese.

Even if I hadn’t brought my medicine, the post-delicious-lactose misery probably would have been worth it.



I had no idea what a piroshky was until I came to the Northwest. These little Russian filled pastries are really awesome. We were able to try one that was filled with beef and cheese, and another that was filled with apples. I know now why the place always has a line out the door and then some.

Ettas Seafood Resturant


One of Tom Douglas’ many restaurants in the Seattle area. This one is named after his daughter, and sits in the location of the first restaurant Tom worked. The crab cakes we tried were almost solid crabmeat, and delicious beyond description. The house-made tartar sauce certainly didn’t hurt either.

That’s all for now guys, come back soon to read more about my Summer in Seattle!

-By Patrick Killen