3 Seattle Bars You Need in Your Life Right Now

This city does not want for good bars. There are plenty. But amongst the plenty of good, lies a few gems that will make your life a little brighter, and, consequently, your wallet a little thinner. 

The 5 Point Cafe 

5 point.jpg

This Belltown establishment is rugged and irreverent in the best way. They encourage loud music, they don't quiet rowdy customers, and they pour stiff drinks. There are rules, though: Don't be a jerk. Have fun, but not to the point of losing your humanity. And everyone is welcome, so don't walk in here if you're feeling especially judgy or if you're the marginalizing type. 

Best thing on the menu: Deep Fried Bacon Jalapeño Mac and Cheese Balls (yes, that's all one thing).

Their motto: Alcoholics serving alcoholics since 1929

Georgetown Liquor Company


The name of this lovely establishment leads one to believe it's just a bar, but once inside, you'll find the best vegan sandwiches in Seattle, and a plethora of NES and SNES games that you can play all night. Of course, the booze selection is equally worthwhile, but all I can think about is jumping on Yoshi's back. 

Best thing on the menu: The Frac. It's vegan French Dip, and it's damn good. If you're a fan of Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, or Star Wars, you'll appreciate the names of their menu items. 

Their motto: Strong enough for a carnivore, made for an herbivore! 

Oliver's Twist


This cozy little cocktail bar located in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood offers an artsy, low-lit atmosphere that will lure you in instantly. Sit on a bench piled with pillows near the front windows, or nestle up to your sweetie at the intimate tables in the back. Either way, this is a place where you'll forget all your troubles. 

Best thing on the menu: If you're a bourbon fan, this place will be your jam. Try the Duff & Blathers or the Old SaltyYour tastebuds will be reeling. Oh, and their Garlic Truffle Popcorn is pretty legit. You'll order more than one bag, if you know what's good for you.