Purple, Red, Yellow and Pink!

It wouldn't be Spring without a trip to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. I went with a group of photographers and it was incredible. The time to go is early early in the morning if you go on the weekends. Since I was with photographers, we were there for the sunrise, yep that early.

The workers were just heading out into the fields to pick the flowers, the parking lots (while open) didn’t yet have people charging you to park (apparently everything officially opens at 9 am) and even better there were only a handful of people on the roads and in the fields.

My goals were simple – 1) to wake up and get there and 2) copy what the “real” photographers were doing as I learn how to use my own new digital camera. And what I really learned, just like visiting the Grand Canyon, you can’t take a bad picture. Just point and shoot.

And whatever color is your favorite color – they have it. In one of the fields. Somewhere.

We wrapped up shooting by late morning and headed for brunch. As we were leaving the area, the traffic had increased dramatically and I began to understand why an early start is so important – not just for the light but if you head up around noon (on weekends anyway), that’s when everyone goes and the crowds get quite huge.

Just another fun day in Seattle.

-Karol Dixon works on social media for TWIF and can be found exploring Seattle (with her dogs in tow).