A Treehouse Wearhouse Recap (Or Treecap, if you will)

By Jennifer Lee

It was a lovely sunny Saturday in Seattle. It was a rarity indeed! Even so, 10 volunteers gave up their mornings to help out at the Treehouse Wearhouse, a store just for foster kids, where they can pick up clothes and other essentials free of charge. With 10 of us and some Treehouse’s own volunteers, we were able to expand the shoe section of their store to accommodate more so that shoppers can have more choices and a fresh new look. The Treehouse was also expecting a large stock of shoes to come in so the move was very much needed.

This required lots of manpower as we had to condense their toys which were expanded during holiday season and hadn’t been transitioned back since then. We also had a group of The World Is Fun volunteers sorting donations, inspecting and tagging to make sure shoppers got the best of the very best!

Overall, it was a wonderful experience in which everyone had lots of fun. We got to learn a little bit about the organization and be able to contribute to the community.