Apples to Oysters


Between being snowed into my tiny apartment for a week straight, having no power, AND my car breaking down in a non-snow related incident on Friday…let’s just say I’m well-prepared for 2012 to take a turn for the better. Now that snowmageddon has vanished, leaving only its slushy, gray remnants in the gutters for us to remember it by, we can all safely go back to being awesome and adventurous like I know we all resolved to be. And lucky for us, there’s a TON of good stuff happening this week to help even out last week’s cabin fever.

Look at my poor doggie. Even she had cabin fever :(

Here’s a lovely little list I’ve thrown together to get you out of the house and into some pretty cool places.

Monday: The Princess Bride at Central Cinema

Princess Bride is still showing? Inconceivable! For only 6$ (advance ticket price) you can enjoy the likes of Wesley and Buttercup on their quest to for true love. Mawwage was what bwought them all togwether; but you’ll probably be lured by the cheap admission, cheap booze, delicious snacks, and a rowdy crowd who loves to chant out the lines. Show times are at 7 and 930, come early for the best seats.

Tuesday: Game Night at Forza

Want to get out of the house and make some new friends? Dying to play the Pictionary game your crazy cat-lady aunt gave you for Christmas? Simply just can’t get enough Apples to Apples? Whatever. Just get yourself to Forza (located by U-Village) at 7 and get ready to bring your game face. And your game(s). The best thing about this coffee shop is that it sells booze (true story), so if you need a little PBR with your R&R, they’ve got you covered.

Wednesday: Trivia Night at Seattle’s Favorite Kiwi Bar

Unofficially voted ‘Seattle’s Favorite Kiwi Bar’, this Aussie-ran bar has been officially voted one of my favorites. The trivia here is tough, let’s be honest. And to make matters stickier, the man that reads the questions off has an Aussie accent so thick that you’re either straining to make the words out or so pleasantly distracted by its inaudibility that you miss the question entirely. Erroneous on all accounts, however. Kangaroo and Kiwi has some of the funnest trivia Seattle has to offer.

Thursday: 1st Annual Local 360 Oyster Shindig 

Think of this as a large, orchestrated, snot eating contest. Personally, I can’t stomach the little suckers. They just look like huge boogers to me. But for all you oyster lovers out there-this event is for you. Contestants will have 3 minutes to shuck and slurp as many oysters as possible. Judges will then examine your bounty, rewarding you for a shell well-shucked. To the man that shucked the most guck out of the slobbery shells? He’ll receive a $250 grand prize, a night at the Roosevelt Hotel, and a $40 food voucher during your stay. All that for mowing down mollusks? That’s a shucking good deal.

Check back later this week to see what’s in store for the weekend. Of course there’s TWIF’s Beard and Stache Contestant Picture Party on Sunday, but obviously that’s not all the fun in store for the last weekend of January.