Business on Wednesday, Play on Thursday

It has become painfully clear to me this week that everyone in my Seattle-based social network is under the notion that they’re the only person in the city who notices the weather is nice and should therefore update the rest of us.





Totally rocking a swim suit at Green Lake!!

Check out my cool vintage shot using Instagram of the sun behind the Space Needle

….Am I the only one who is experiencing this?

That aside, I thought that I’d bring a couple of cool events that are happening this week to your attention in case you’re looking for something to do before Friday.

Tomorrow is the 8th Annual Restaurant After Hours at the Seattle Aquarium. Hosted by the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, this event allows you to mingle and network with 700+ members of the Chamber while sampling amazing food from some of Seattle’s most coveted restaurants. It’s a great opportunity to make business connections, so if you’re thinking that you want to expand on your professional network, this is an event you don’t want to miss!

You know you want to be just like this guy

Thursday is TWIF’s second picture party for Beard and Stache Fest. It’s a second chance for anyone who was unable to attend our event last month and we’re expecting a great time! It will be at 6pm at Bluebird Ice Cream in Capitol Hill. Come by, bring friends, get some ice cream, take your mug shot. For the facially furry out there- it’s sure to be a memorable time. Check out our calendar of events, as well! Kick off party, bingo, rummage sale, pinball tournament. We’ve got A LOT of great stuff coming your way.

Check back later this week to see what’s going on this weekend. Last weekend I was pretty Super Bowl crazed. I’m thinking maybe this weekend I’ll focus less on shoveling as many gluttonous food items into my mouth as 4 quarters and one (I thought it was pretty cool) halftime show will allow. I overheard a friend of mine debating whether or not a laser tag adventure sounded fun. If the man in the mustache can indulge his inner child with a fatty ice cream cone, then I’m thinking that maybe I can indulge mine with some futuristic warfare.