Friday's Big Plan: Hair Appointment at 5pm

I know this sounds bad and incredibly vain but I have never looked forward to an “appointment” as much I was looking forward to getting my hair done with Glenn at the Gilt Edge Society early Friday evening. Let’s just say, my hair was in need. Dire need.

I finished my hair appointment around 7pm and Matt picked me up. On the recommendation of Glenn, we headed up to Queen Anne to get some dinner at a Pan Asian place called Chinoise Cafe. We walked in the door and we quickly seated although the place was packed but, after that, everything seemed to go downhill quickly.

We waited what seemed like a very long time for anyone to come by the table and take even our drink order. The place was loud and crowded which is alright if the food and service is really good. We both started with miso soup which you’d think couldn’t be messed up but their’s wasn’t real good. We then moved on to sushi which was sub-par based on the other sushi places I have visited in Seattle. One roll was so bad I thought there was dish soap in it but apparently it was just the green that they used inside it to “compliment” the eel.

Three simple words… Never Going Back.

We left there and headed over to Espresso Vivace Roasteria in Capital Hill to meet up with friends. Now I will go back to this place as they make one good cup of coffee.

We left the coffee shop on foot and visited a few Capital Hill establishments includingThe Chapel. This place was real fun and it was someplace I had been meaning to visit. From their website:

The Chapel was built in the early 1920s inside the Butterworth’s Mortuary. It was a place to honor life in the physical world and the passing into the spiritual world. While the mortuary no longer exists, the former chapel continues to bring people together to honor one another — in the physical world, yes, but perhaps also to ponder the spiritual world in a convivial atmosphere.Chapel is more than a bar, more than a restaurant. Fine food and exceptional spirits are served in a unique space where people, music, art, architecture and ideas intersect and mix.

Arriving at the front door, we were un-warmly welcomed by the non-speaking door guy who symboled for us to show him our ID’s. Never saying a word, I began to feel like this place was going to be a cross between and uber hipster bar and a pretentious yuppy breeding ground. I was wrong. The decor is great (although bordering on pretension), the service inside is good and the true selling point is their delicious drinks made from fresh ingredients. From their extensive list, I tried the Madagascar Mojito. Yes, they are a bit spendy, but they drinks are big and delicious and I will definitely re-visit.

We left there, stopped one more place and then headed back to Ballard and called it a night.

-Amy Faulkner