One Week Down, 51 to Go!

With the first week of the year now behind me I find myself finally feeling rested and ready to start getting out of the house again. After the holidays I felt the need to hibernate in my room with my new kindle and just decompress a bit.

But now that that’s behind me there’s plenty of fun things coming up to look forward to!

Tomorrow some fun loving TWIF volunteers are assisting Operation Sack Lunch by assembling tons of dinners for those in need at the Compass center. Want to sign up? You can’t, it’s full. I told you last month to sign up early! In fact, for those of you in need of new years resolutions I highly suggest considering ‘sign up for TWIF events a full month in advance’ to be one of them! You can always check our events page on our website to see what we’ve got going on. January events are looking pretty booked but February has some opportunities open. Don’t forget about our brand new program, Kitchen Challenge, where you get to use your master culinary skills to whip up a meal with only the surprise ingredients on hand and the help of an accomplished Seattle chef!

This weekend marks the opening to the highly anticipated Smash Putt! mini golf adventure in SoDo. Appropriately themed- 2012: Final Apolcalypse, promises golf ball cannons, amazing feats of gravity, scratch and sniff technology (and I have to say that I am EXTREMELY interested in learning how they’re incorporating scratch and sniff technology into my mini golf experience) and tons of other hijinks and mechanized madness. There’s also drinking and music, as if you needed any other encouragement. Tickets can be bought on their website  for the upcoming weekend. As expected this event sells out quickly every week so log on early to secure your spot!

And I’m choosing to leave you with this amusing little blog post I found on someone else’s facebook the other day. I’m sure some of you have seen it, simply reread it. For those of you who haven’t stumbled upon this little gem- happy new year! Let us all be thankful we live in the great city of Seattle where all our buildings are made up of compacted dust of every other major city on the planet and symbolize Seattle’s domination over them :)

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