Operation Sack Lunch Success!

Happy Tuesday TWIFfers!

Hope you all had a great weekend and are enjoying your start to the week. I’m looking forward to tonight’s monthly staff meeting- can’t wait to relay to you all the fun stuff we’re working on!

Here’s a little blog from Nell, a part of the TWIF team and a participant in this weekend’s successful Operation Sack Lunch endeavor:

“A huge group of TWIFers, 18 to be exact, assisted Operation Sack Lunch on Saturday with the weekly OSL dinner for the Compass Center and assembling extra sack lunches to be distributed o Sunday on the streets. Merry times were had by all as we concocted a tasty and nutritious meal of mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and barbecue beef; a full starch load for the cold temperatures! The volunteers also learned a valuable lesson, complete with a new adage (which was gleefully recited to me by the group with the coaching of the Chef), “Never put something in the oven before it’s preheated”. Thankfully, the apple crisp managed to make it to the table despite my best efforts. Dinner was served to over 60 men from the Compass Center’s program and sack lunches were prepared for their trip outside into the hands of the hungry. Operation Sack Lunch makes over 17,000 meals per month and relies on donations from local restaurants.”

Some more of our amazing volunteers hard at work…

ABIGthank you to everyone who came out and helped make this event so successful! If you’d like to participate in our next Operation Sack Lunch opportunity, please check our events page and sign up! Invite a friend or head stag and get ready to make some new ones. Either way, you’ll be happy you came!

Check back soon to learn about everything we’ve got up our sleeves for the new year. Rumor has it that there are definitely a lot of beards and mustaches involved ;)