Ridin Dirty with A Guilty Conscience

After a good but unspectacular happy hour experience in Ballard, Jen and I headed over to Bal Mar with our friend Hannah from San Francisco. This was my first time at Bal Mar but Jen had been previously and highly recommended a cucumber cocktail named “Guilty Conscience”. Jen ordered a “Ridin’ Dirty” which was a vodka drink with olive juice and Worcestershire sauce and olives, which she enjoyed thoroughly. After ordering a yummy cheese plate (with kiwi on the side please[allergic]) we decided on dessert.

Oh no, they were out of rice krispy treats. (not just any rice treats either.. they came made with vanilla cognac and chocolate liqueur and love) So… we immediately got our check and left.. and headed to Safeway for krispy treat fixins.

Rushing back to the House of Regrets (dropping Hanna in Fremont on the way), krispy fixins in hand, I was on a mission. We went in, and while Jen used the ladies room I got the pan on the stove with butter, buttered the baking dish, started melting the marshmallows, and fished the hot wheels watch out of the Rice Krispy box. When Jen emerged from the bathroom, she said, “So are we making treats, or what?” and was surprised to see the treats were already on their way to being delicious (plus she had an awesome new watch!).

Now, after careful pressing into the dish, and decoration of course, we’re on our way out the door for a special treat delivery.

-Amy Faulkner