Saturday: Celebrating Pancake Month

Matt and I started off the day by honoring the fact that February is pancake month with breakfast at The Original Pancake house on 15th. Then we wasted a good portion of the day trying to digest those pancakes and just before sunset, Matt had the idea to go to Gas Works Park and walk around for a bit.

This was my first visit to Gas Works Park (#34 on the List). This park is pretty amazing with a to-die-for view of the city and the lake and filled with all kinds of industrial relics of the former gas works that once functioned there. This is a must see park.

After the park, we headed back to Ballard to meet up with friends at the  Eagles Club where Matt and I ended up joining. After the Eagles the group of us went to a couple more Ballard establishments and then called it a night.

All-in-all, a good day.

-Amy Faulkner