Sunday: Breakfast Burritos with Blackball

Sunday morning I joined members of Blackball for breakfast burritos. Everybody made or brought something and Matt made candied bacon which is basically bacon baked with brown sugar so if the greasy doesn’t kill you, the sugar will. Breakfast was delicious and fun.

Later in the day Matt, Justin and I went to South Seattle to look at some tiny trucks for sale. They are really neat little trucks from Japan that you really can’t tell how tiny they are until you’re standing next to them. It was quite entertaining to see both Justin and Matt crammed into one.

The two of them were like little boys playing in the family car.

We left there and headed to Seward Park where all we really did is drive around it. Then we went to the Goodwill looking for bicycles and Matt picked up a Puegeot bike for $12. Arriving back on our side of town, we went and got some Greek food for dinner and closed the evening with movie night at my house feature a horrible Sean Connery movie.

-Amy Faulkner