Sunday Funday

I realize that MTV2 is conveniently hosting Boy Meets World marathons this weekend (and I’m totally indulging)…


It may do you some good to get out of the house. I’m on my fourth consecutive episode…Cory is about to discover how to talk to girls…Shawn is learning to read…Eric just got caught making out on his PARENT’S bed (gasp!) but alas I think it’s time to peel myself off the couch, out of my sweats, and into the real world.

I had the pleasure of meeting the one and only Mr. Jay Buhner on Wednesday at the Seattle Sports Awards and it re-sparked my love for the Mariners. And it’s come just in time because this weekend happens to be Fan Fest and you can bet I’ll be there! From 11-4 today and tomorrow  you’re invited to what can only be described as a baseball extravaganza. There’s games, food, lectures, and some pretty big names. Dan Wilson ring a bell? It should. And he’ll be signing autographs tomorrow, along with many other amazing ballers. I’m bringing a ball to have signed to give to my dad-I’m entering the Daughter of the Year Award and need something to give an advantage.

Are you wondering if studly men in tight pants the only thing Seattle has to offer this weekend? If you are, and even if you’re not, I can answer that.

Absolutely not.

Sunday afternoon beholds one of the most beloved Seattle events of the year. TWIF’s annual Contestant Picture Party for our studly, fuzzy men participating in Beard and Stache Fest is happening at the High Dive in Fremont from 1-4. Benefiting the Treehouse organization, Beard and Stache Fest is one of the area’s most creative fundraisers of the year. Contestants will be mean-mugging for the camera tomorrow, and their pictures will be placed on individual cans that will soon serve as donation containers for the month of February. Tomorrow you can expect an afternoon filled with some fantastic TWIF staff, some fine drinks, and some seriously fuzzy faces. Not to shabby, albeit very shaggy, for a Sunday.

Enjoy the weekend!