Super Saturday Idea and Super Bowl Sunday

So sometimes I watch SportsCenter. And, occasionally, I click on the sports news page of my Yahoo newsfeed. I’m not going to pretend that I’m some huge football nut who knows everything there is to know about the NFL. But, dear God, correct me if I’m wrong here…I seem to be hearing A LOT more about Tebow than Mark Sanchez or Tom Brady. It’s not that I’m all super jacked on Super Bowl weekend or anything, I think I might just be suffering from Tebow overload. Yea, he’s good. Yea, he’s a good ol’ boy. And yea, he’s slated to sell underwear in an ad campaign where he’s fully clothed (I prefer a half-nude Beckham). Irregardless, I vote we retire that prayer pose until next season.

If you’re not into the whole Super Bowl thing, read the next paragraph. I’ve got a fun idea for something non-footbally for you to do this beautiful weekend. If you’re into the whole Super Bowl thing, well then you’re probably into beer, which is what the next paragraph is about. So read that, then read the paragraph below it where I tell you what some of the best bars to watch the game are.

Tomorrow the Washington Beer Commission will showcase the best Belgian beers at this year’s BelgianFest 2012. Located at Bell Harbor International Conference Center, you can come and experience 60+ Belgian-inspired brews hand crafted by some of the finest breweries in Washington. Designated drivers can get in for 5$ and get all the free soda you want…but really I’d pay the $30 and get the ten 4oz samplers and commemorative tasting glass. This event is apparently HUGE. It’s at a whole new location this year to accommodate for the swarms of people who came last year. There’s two 4-hour sessions offered on Saturday, get your tickets fast so you don’t miss out!

As far as Sunday goes, you have lots of options. Way more than I care to share. But here’s some of my favorites:

People’s Pub in Ballard. For 7$ you get a beer, a burger, and some fries. That’s a steal of a deal, my friends. I hope those of you who don’t like the Super Bowl didn’t quit reading because you can still capitalize on the special!

Fox Sports Grill. This is a place is going to be packed. More of a social gathering of people looking to mingle than die hard fans.

Kangaroo and Kiwi in Greenlake. 25 cent wings, ’nuff said.

Tim’s Tavern. Super Bowl trivia, FREE appetizers, $2 beers and $3 wells. Yea buddy!

If you have any other suggestions leave me a comment or email me at! Always looking for a fun, food-filled time!