The Happiest of Hours: Fremont

Locale: Fremont; Roxy’s Diner, the Triangle Lounge, Dad Watson’s.

Date: Saturday March 1st

Company: Kim

Parking: My car stayed behind.. parked in a yard.. and we walked.

Kim and I walked down from the “House of Regrets” to Fremont to get our happy hour on. We stopped at Roxy’s first since it was the fist place we came to. After careful consideration of the happy hour menu (appetizers are half off and select champagne drinks are only two bucks!) we made our decision. We were going to split an order of sweet potato fries and perogies. Potatoes.. and more potatoes.. and both came with sour cream. Damn, the Jewish know how to eat. Kim ordered a black currant champagne drink that I can’t remember the name of, and I ordered a Bollywood Bellini aka the most delicious champagne drink ever. It consisted of Yazi ginger vodka, mango nectar, and champagne. Yum yum yum. I had two. Kim had two. (and the sink had two cause the bartender made the wrong ones.. and then sadly dumped them) We were starting to get bubbly. The food was as expected rich, heavy, and completely delicious. Kim couldn’t stop smiling.. I think the bellinis were going to her head; We were having a great time even though our yummy ginger bubbly was not one of the two buck drinks (they were $4 each but totally worth it).

The staff started mopping the floor and we couldn’t figure out if they were trying to close (we were the only ones in the place) so we decided to move on and meander down to the Triangle Lounge. One dollar off draft beers and a happy hour menu that didn’t have very happy pricing.. not very thrilling. We ordered a couple of beers and the goat cheese medallions. Kims first beer (a PBR) kind of tasted like dish soap. The goat cheese ($6) was a small pile of greens with 6 one inch round deep fried goat cheese bits and a cup of dipping sauce which I avoided because I think it was marinara. The food was great but for a dollar a pop, I think I’ll pass next time. The one redeeming quality of the underwhelming Triangle Lounge was the fact that they provided us shelter while it poured down rain outside for about 15 minutes. Oh, and they played a G. Love and Special Sauce song.. um, anyways, it was dry out again and we moved on to our next destination.

A toss up between Dad Watson’s and the Dubliner, we chose the former because we wanted cocktails and not beers. We snagged a window seat and ordered a whiskey ginger, an amaretto sour, and a raspberry cheesecake to split. It was early (about 7:30).. happy hour was over.. and we were drunk. Talking, laughing, and maybe stumbling a little, the walk home led to buying a sixpack of PBR tallboys as many walks do.. At the small convenience store, that I had never been to before, the cashier took one look at me, mumbled “I think I saw your ID last time” and checked me out quickly. I guess it’s better than getting carded at the movies… I’m moving up in this world of fun. Thanks to Kim for the great company, thanks to Roxy’s for the bubbly, thanks to the Triangle for shelter, and thanks to Dad’s for the sweets. Oh, and thanks to the cashier for making me feel sixteen again.

-Jen Fein